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10012013 Our roving New York contributor, Robyn Lea went on a sojourn to the isle of Capri to shoot a stunning villa frequented by the likes of Beyonce and Jay Z (shh… don’t tell them we told you!)… Capri the land of milk and honey | Est magazine
10022013 We’re on our way: Beyonce and Jay-Z make their way to Blue Grotto, a popular tourist destination on the island of Capri, on Friday. Beyonce and Jay-Z trade their luxury yacht for a humble rowing boat as they set off for Capri | BBB-News
10032013 The love of the sea is a family passion. Since the 1950's Cassiopea has been renting boats, offering excursions, and providing transfers from the beach of Positano to a treasure trove of the most enchanting locations along the Amalfi Coast, the Sorrentine Peninsula, and the bay of Naples. Cassiopea is located in the beautiful town of Positano, on the main beach, "Spiaggia Grande". Just look out for our distinctive orange umbrella. About Us & Positano | Cassiopea
10042013 Vietri sul Mare ("Vietri on the Sea") is a popular tourist destination because it is a convenient place to start the Amalfi Coast drive. This town it is the last or first town on the Amalfi Coast and inhabitants like to call it “The First Pearl of the Amalfi,” claiming that the Amalfi begins at Vietri, which is just west of Salerno. Pictures of the day | L'Italo-Americano Newspaper
10052013 Little did I know, however, that nearly fifteen years later, those memories of poignant Pompeii, the astonishingly stunning Amalfi Coast and the beautiful, edgy chaos of Naples would provide the backdrop for another very special story; my first self-published short story. After writing fiction for an audience of one (me) for most of my life I decided to make 2013 the year I self-publish a collection of fictional short stories inspired by travel. See the Amalfi Coast: A Short Story (free download) | Travelettes
10062013 Getting to our hotel was epic (hotels on streets called Sopramontagna (over the mountain) should be avoided by cyclists, but the centre of the town of Capri is in the middle of the island, and that means on a high saddle between the two sides. The centre of town itself had "streets" so narrow that they only allow pedestrians or special narrow electric cars along them. The police even want cyclists to walk through the centre of the town. Kate and Greg bike from Rome to Naples and South. | Orthogonal Endeavours Ltd.
10072013 We quickly fell into a vacation routine. During the day, we would hike down the cliffs to a beach club (either Da Luigi or La Fontelina), where you can rent a chair and umbrella for the day. Here's a photo of Da Luigi. How gorgeous is that?! Vacation photos: Capri | A Cup of Jo
10082013 The cliff-top pool views are hard to beat in Capri, Italy. World's Best Islands | Travel + Leisure
10092013 Toni Servillo, who was born in Naples in 1959, has forgone Rome and Hollywood to live in the gritty Neapolitan suburb of Caserta, where he runs a theater company called Teatri Uniti, which, over the years, has served as an incubator for some of the best actors on the national stage. The Chicago Sun-Times called Servillo a “sublime leading actor and director,” and the Chicago Tribune described him as an “extraordinary actor” and a “cross between Beckett, Chaplin, and Peter Sellers.” Servillo is said to be the quintessential Neapolitan. And some even believe that this geography accounts for his charm and theatrical talents. The Italian Idol | Newsweek
10102013 I adored the beautiful gallery in Naples with its 19th century architecture but it was an added bonus an elegant man decided to read the newspaper in front of a beautiful detail. Travel Means People | Carla Loves Photography
10112013 Layer upon layer of history… Napoli – Italy | Tales and Travels of the Tin Man
10122013 Teatro di San Carlo, Naples. Beauty and Grandeur of Opera Houses (12 total) | My Modern Metropolis
10132013 Climbing higher, the terrain became tougher underfoot but the views even more spectacular. Upon reaching the highest point of the trek, the secluded coves below were an inviting sight to my exhausted, heavily perspiring body! On the welcome descent we walked through rural splendour; through lush lemon groves where air was still and heavy with scents and the local loggers used mules rather than tractors. The walk culminated in Positano, a quaint seaside town with shady winding streets crammed with elegant shops. Heavens above! | Exodus Travels
10142013 As a guest here, you soon appreciate what Casa Privata stands for – cultivated privacy – elegantly alluding to the privilege of having this breathtaking piece of Amalfi coastline all to yourself. Accessed by a series of limestone steps at the bottom of the garden, the stunning cliff-face has been calved out to facilitate several sun bed platforms, enticing you to dive into the twinkling aqua water below. Ca’P’a – Casa Privata | Trendland
10152013 The phrase of this leg of our vacation was – “no seriously – people actually live here!” It blew our mind that this is normal. This is a normal, every day sight for the people that live on the Amalfi Coast. I can’t imagine growing up with this kind of natural, breathtaking beauty in my backyard. The houses and villages in this area are literally perched and built into the cliffs of the coast. Life On the Mediterranean Coast! | Iowa Girl Eats
10162013 I came back home the day before yesterday from a wonderful week spent on the Amalfi Coast. Everything was even better than I expected, I saw wonderful places to take your breath away. My country is rich in beauty and every time I think it I feel proud to be Italian. But in addition to admire the natural beauty that these places in southern Italy have to offer, what I really learned from this trip is the ability to smile and enjoy life. I saw people from all over the world gathered in the towns of the Amalfi Coast, get there with the spirit of fun, enjoy good meals, the beautiful sea and the sun. I've seen so many smiles from everyone I talked to and so many people have given me happiness and joy of living. # Campaniatour photo diary part 1 | lost in Daydreams
10172013 Tiffany and Mike were married in a very romantic ceremony on the Amalfi coast. Wedding in Amalfi | Kelly Hayes Wedding Design
10182013 Tracy is just so lively and interesting in person, I just knew she'd have some amazing summer vacation planned. I mean, look at her chillaxing on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast with some hot young thing ferrying her around. That's the life! Tracy Reese's Summer Travel Wardrobe Staples | Glamour
10192013 The cloister, among the most spacious in Europe, is about 12,000 square meters and is encircled by a tiara of 84 columns; the kitchen is where, according to legend, a giant omelette of over one thousand eggs was prepared for Charles V, on whose vast empire “the sun never set”; the cellars were full of huge barrels of the wine produced by the monks; and finally the library, accessed by climbing an expansive spiral staircase… The Padula Charterhouse | Italian Ways
10202013 It is easy to imagine that this fresco, made of charming and clashing shapes and colours would be the home of a very special place...Tenuta Seliano... the former home of Baroness Cecilia Baratta and her family. Seliano is only 5 kilometres from the archaeological site of Paestum and the sea and has been converted into one of the best agritourismos in the country. We travelled along increasingly narrow roads that snaked through olive groves and over streams in the flatlands of the Sele and Alento rivers, which are a natural habitat for water buffalo that thrive in this temperate climate. The Great Mozzarella in Carrozza Experiment While Visiting a Buffalo Mozzarella Farm in the Cilento | More Than Burnt Toast
10212013 Lunch on the terrace of Relais Blu. A lunch prepared by Chef Allocca and his staff who had two options. They could prepare a menu that would try its hardest to compete with the scenery. A wine list full of Campania, particularly rich in Fiano di Avellino that pair wonderfully with the seafood dishes that exit from the kitchen. I had a glass or two Apianum Fiano di Avellino 2011 from Salvatore Molletieri. Into the Blu - Relais Blu, Massa Lubrense (Na) | andiamotrips
10222013 Tenuta San Francesco Costa d’Amalfi Rosso “Tramonti” 2010. Magenta-tinted deep garnet color. Big and sensual nose of smoky black cherry fruit closely backed by strong notes of blood orange juice and strawberry preserves supported by aromas of woody spices, lilies and roses, toasted grain, and barnyard. Very long and dry plum butter finish. A wine that defines “elegant rusticity”. Costa D'Amalfi A wine from a mediterranean paradise | Tom Ciocco
10232013 I was ever happier when i’ve found the wines made by “Azienda San Salvatore 1988″… it’s a quite small and interesting wine producer from Giungano in Campania (south of Italy); i’ve met the owner a couple of months ago during a wine fair (a man deeply in love with his land, his wine and in charge of every single details connected to his wine, from the production to the label design). Wine Shopping of the day with Aglianico by San Salvatore | Followmu
10242013 Rural Southern Italian society is inextricably connected to the land and Riccio masterfully catches the majesty of the landscape with his lens. One of my favorites is his shot of Monte Taburno, in Campania. With a cloud casting an ominous shadow on the mountain's peak, the artist captured a moment virtually out of local lore. A Look at Anthony Riccio's 'From Italy to America' | Magna Grece
10252013 Sausages, typical cheese like mozzarella and caciocavallo silano, but also truffles and mushrooms directly raised in the nearby woods, and then sheep and pork meats, vegetables and desserts such as the “bombe” with nuts, torrone, frittelle with nuts and the migliaccio, a traditional farmers cake, all these are the perfect ingredients of the culinary offer of the village restaurant. All accompanied with the excellent wines of the area, like Greco di Tufo, Taurasi and the Fiano di Avellino. Simple and poor ingredients, but rich in taste. Albergo Diffuso #45: Castelvetere sul Calore | BoBos
10262013 A few days into our tour we arrived in Sorrento; the city of lemons. Our first visit was to a farm where we learnt how olive oil is made and saw a cheese-making demonstration by a lady, nicknamed Maria Mozzarella. It was interesting learning how to make ricotta and mozzarella (there are two forms; the dried one which lasts for a few weeks and the fresh one which lasts for a few days). Reminiscing: Limoncello in the City of Lemons (Sorrento) | Phuoc'n Delicious
10272013 This is the best Gelateria in Sorrento, without a doubt! The shop is run by a family and has been in operation since 1860! The staff at the shop were very friendly indeed, especially Mama, who is 71, and her son who is very cheeky! As you pass for the first time they offer you a free sample, and thats how it starts, after that, you're hooked! Gelateria Zini, il Gelato Artigianale-Sorrento | Davlynm Italy
10282013 We ended up going to Brandi, the oldest pizzeria in Naples, aka, the oldest pizzeria in the world! The best part? Since we got our pizza's to go, they were only 3.50 Euros each, plus, we got to stand and watch them make the pizzas right in front of us! Definitely the best deal I've gotten in Italy! I just got the margherita pizza, but it was to die for. The crust had that perfect balance of being a little crispy but still doughy and fluffy, being thin on the inside and thick on the outside, and there was just enough cheese. Naples | Eat Well, Travel Often.
10292013 Try the Pizza Al Metro restaurant in Vico Equense who claim to make the biggest pizzas in the world! An active volcano, crystal sea and the world's biggest pizza: 10 reasons to visit Naples | Daily Express
10302013 The famous scholar Jake Barnes said that the Ristorante Sigilgaida in Ravello "has the best ambiance in the world" -- piano playing (itself) quietly in the background, host with white dinner jacket, subservient wait staff, and a great view from a shaded terrace. And these are all guys who have been around! Ah, Ravello | Venturing Forth
10312013 Nearby are the gardens of the Villa Rufolo in Ravello. Richard Wagner once said he would never have composed Parsifal had he not been inspired by its beauty. Spa baths and sonatas on Italy's Amalfi coast | The Australian

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