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MAY 2014


05012014 The video is set entirely in Capri and is accompanied by a song by Peppino di Capri. It was shot in the dead of winter. It rained continuously for a full week before and a full week after the three days of shooting. It started back up the night we finished shooting. During this miraculous period, we enjoyed a warm, almost summery light, which was perfect for our story. Pomellato icon movies |
05022014 Memories, nostalgia, the colour of the sea and of the Mediterranean sky. "Capri" by Filippo Silvestris and Pierluigi Ferrandini for Pomellato. |
05032014 Between the island’s two towns, Anacapri is 30 per cent cheaper than Capri. The latter, situated on a ridge between Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, is the bustling centre of the island. Anacapri, on the western part of the island, is only a 10-minute drive away but feels like another world. Less glamorous and greener, it could be any small Italian town if it didn’t have the beautiful sea views, lemon groves and bright white houses with colourful majolica tiles that are so characteristic of Capri. Rugged exclusivity | Financial Times
05042014 From Ravello, whose exotic formal gardens, Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, seem to float ethereally between sea and sky, your route takes you first to Positano's chic pastel houses and enticing volcanic sand beach. It's then on to Marina del Cantone, and hidden shingle coves few foreign visitors ever find. Finally you reach cliff top Sorrento. With balcony views over Vesuvius, it's a great base to visit Pompeii or Herculaneum by train, or Capri by boat. Amalfi to Sorrento Walk | Headwater Holidays
05052014 Last year's Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition at the British Museum caught the pathos perfectly. The structure of the show – a Roman house, with items shown in the rooms they belonged in – reminded us of the domestic scale of the drama. And that is the terrible but compelling draw of Pompeii: it was one of the Museum's most successful exhibitions, visited by almost half a million people. The survival of so many everyday objects lures us into thinking that the citizens of Pompeii were just like us (which, in some ways, they were). Up, up Pompeii! | The Independent
05062014 This tiny island off of the Amalfi Coast is a jet-set favorite for its luxurious resorts, boutiques, flower-lined paths, and cliff-top restaurants serving two of its famous creations - Caprese salad and Limoncello liqueur. One caveat: beaches here are rocky, meaning you’ll have to brave pebbles to go for a swim. One of the most scenic spots is down a few hundred stairs next to Da Luigi at the base of Il Faraglioni rocks. World's Best Islands | Travel + Leisure
05072014 The old town, rising up the slopes of the hill on the site of the ancient Salernum, still preserves many memories of its great days during the medieval period. It had the oldest medical school in Europe, which flourished from the 11th century until it was closed down by Murat, Napoleon's brother- in-law, in 1812. Along the seafront to the east of the harbor, now used only by local shipping (trips to Capri, Amalfi and Positano), extends the Lungomare Trieste, a fine promenade lined by imposing modern buildings and affording extensive views. Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Salerno | PlanetWare
05082014 What more can one ask from life after tasting one of the local DOP Bufalo mozzarellas in the shadow of the imposing Greek temples of Paestum? Pearly white colour, smooth and shinny texture, thin rind and an incomparable taste are the final result of the local mozzarella cheese producers of the Piana di Sele. It is possible to visit one of these small diaries which also propose a selection of tasty ricotta cheese, smoked provola cheese and yogurts. Cilento Gastronomy | Italia Lifestyle
05092014  A  "strange" occupation  - that has been disappearing and that was typical in the city of Naples – is l’acquafrescaio. I can not translate this name because maybe  there is not the corresponding profession in the world. I had seen the acquafrescaio in Naples during one of my many trips in this beautiful city - that I love.  Acquafrescaio, the traditional job in Naples | All4Italy
05102014 Winemakers in Campania uniformly claim that Fiano is the greater of the two grapes, but I don't see it that way. While I appreciate Fiano's distinctiveness, I think Greco is the better wine to drink. The Greatest White Wines of Campania | CHOW
05112014 Campania's producers share a palpable pride in their land and its products. Ilaria Petitto, owner in Donnachiara in Montefalcione, speaks in glowing terms about Irpinia (the historical name given to the province of Avellino), where her vineyards and vinery are located. Campania's Great Whites | Decanter
05122014 With his 30th birthday fast-approaching, Jamie Oliver returns to an area of Italy that he knows and loves. However, this time he decides to go to Minori, where his 'Italian father', Gennaro Contaldo, was born and raised. Following in Gennaro's footsteps Jamie goes mussel-fishing and cooks for Gennaro's father, who was Gennaro’s first inspiration in the kitchen. Amalfi Coast |
05132014 Gennaro Contaldo, chef at Passione in London and mentor to Jamie Oliver, takes us on a tour of his home town of Minori and its neighbours along the rugged and ravishing Amalfi Coast. The moment I hit the madly winding Amalfi corniche – ‘the road of a thousand bends’ – and catch my first glimpse of the plunging cliffs and glittering sea, I feel a crazy thrill of excitement. It also has a reputation for great food. When I’m here, I eat more slowly, savouring the vivid taste of San Marzano tomatoes just off the vine or the enormous and intensely aromatic sfusato di Amalfi lemons. The Amalfi Coast, Italy | delicious. magazine
05142014 I felt sick when I watched A Good Woman – not because the story or acting was so good, but because it was set in Amalfi. Pictures of Amalfi do that to me. I feel literally sick, my stomach ties up to a hard knot and I feel homesick to an extent that I cannot describe. Postcard from Heaven | dove mi porta il cuore
05152014 You can drive part of the way up Vesuvius, but the only way to the top is on foot. Our coach drops us near the entrance and we queue to get in and past the souvenir stand. Just inside the entrance two enterprising young men offer us sticks to help with the climb ‘for a donation’. I decline their offer as I don’t think I need a stick, but later regret it. It’s a cool, sunny April day and we’ve been told that it can get quite cold at the summit but I end up peeling off my jacket as I walk. The eldest, having refused my request to bring a coat, flashes me an ‘I told you so’ look. It’s a steep, dusty climb to the top, but worth it to actually see into the volcano’s crater and for the magnificent views of the surrounding landscape and across the Bay of Naples. Climbing Mount Vesuvius | Mums do travel
05162014 One afternoon, we walked part of the "walk of the gods" track. It starts in the mountains high above Positano and winds its way along the cliffs 750m above the sea. That's the reason for its name and because of its spectacular scenery. Chapter 7 - The Amalfi Coast | The Wandering Wicks of Oz
05172014 Positano is home to just short of 4,000 souls, although in summer thousands more pile in daily from Sorrento, Capri, Ischia and Naples. But in spite of the crowds, Positano remains utterly beguiling. You don't come to Positano to see the sights; there aren't any to speak of. You come to drink in the matchless views along with your Campari, to shop for flowing linen and handmade sandals, or simply to watch the passing parade of tanned women in gold sandals and immaculately groomed men in pastel shades, cashmere sweaters draped over their shoulders. Hidden depths of Amalfi | Conde Nast Traveller
05182014 Sorrento, 25km from central Naples, is a charming small town with a gorge running through the centre and streets lined with tiny cafés, shaded gardens and hidden cloisters. It’s been home to luminaries such as Maxim Gorky, Ibsen and Wagner over the centuries and makes a great base for delving into Naples and nearby Pompeii and Vesuvius – the only active volcano in mainland Europe. Living la dolce vita in Naples | Daily Express
05192014 Where: Amalfi Coast It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Positano is one of the most beautiful places on earth. This small town on the Amalfi Coast awes visitors with its pastel-colored houses perched on the mountains that rise above the sea. Positano has lived many lives—as part of Amalfi’s maritime republic during the Middle Ages, a major trade route during the Renaissance, a forgotten fishing village, and finally, an idyllic beach town experiencing a modern-day renaissance. 20 Gorgeous Seaside Towns In Italy | HuffPost Travel
05202014 It cannot be denied that to this day a lot of tourists find Praiano a rewarding destination with its crystal clear waters and the fantastic vistas of the sea. The setting is still easygoing, unhurried and relaxing; a great place for holidaymakers who want a break from the stressful pace of the city and of many of the better known resort locations along the Amalfi Coast. Praiano is a place that nature lovers can easily appreciate. Praiano – Heart of the Amalfi Coast | Online Travel Consultant
05212014 Positano, on the Amalfi coast, offers beaches and small village life you won't find in crowded Rome, Florence and Venice. Avoiding The Beaten Path In Italy |
05222014 Hotel San Pietro was established in 1970 by Carlo Cinque. Since that time it became a place for such stars as Barbara Streisand, Sting and Julia Roberts; Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. One more travel destination - Hotel San Pietro di Positano, Amalfi coast | Italian Style in Kuwait
05232014 Mostly black-and-white, some of the images were shot outside on the coast of Capri, while others are more formal, posed in a studio setting. The most charming are of Veruschka in Italy: on a cobbled street, in a field or with a rabbit on a farmyard. Put together, they're an insight into a decade in flux – one moving from the mannered graphic mood to something that represented a burgeoning youth quake. From Vera to Veruschka: the unseen photographs of Johnny Moncada – in pictures | The Guardian
05242014 Arriving by car from Positano, Santa Caterina appears to be little more than a gleaming white façade at a curve in the road to Amalfi. From the Amalfi side, it looks more like a hotel. A lovely hotel, to be sure, but not nearly as majestic as it is in reality. Hotel Santa Caterina: Amalfi, Italy’s cliffside gem – Kim Kardashian’s first honeymoon choice | Communities Digital News
05252014 Villa Maria's six rooms are charming, with their shabby-chic decor and French doors, although we spend most of our time on the terrace, captivated by the coast below. "Everyone thought I was mad when I started the agriturismo. They said all the hotels and restaurants needed to be by the beach," says Manzo. "Now, people want to stay somewhere quieter and they want to come here to taste real local food." Keeping it sweet | South China Morning Post
05262014 5 years ago he was in Ravello for the album " La Passione" and he came shortly to visit Mamma Agata ...this year after the filming he rushed to Mamma Agata with his wife Sarah and they spend the Whole day with Gennaro, Chiara and Mamma Agata and at the end of the class he sang and everybody had tears in the eyes !!! The famous singer Alfie Boe after filming in Positano his new album " La Serenata" goes back to Mamma Agata | News-Positano
05272014 Relais Blu is a Boutique Hotel and Restaurant that won’t disappoint you in terms of uniqueness. Salvatore Acampora, patron of the Relais Blu, is a renowned expert in Campania cusine, has created a restaurant where Mediterranean specialities prepared with the latest techniques tempt any palate. Relais Blu, Amalfi Coast – Best restaurants with a view in Italy | Swide
05282014 Incredible chapels - some dating back to several centuries ago - can be found hidden amongst isolated villages on top of the mountains of the ‘Parco Nazionale del Cilento’. Most churches and chapels had been bricked up, waiting in vein for reconstruction. buona fortuna documents italian chapels abandoned after the irpinia earthquake | designboom
05292014 The trip begins with an early dinner - the first of two - at the brightly colored and lit Pizzeria Elite in Alvignano Caserta, two hours southeast of Rome and set amid the buffalo farms that produce the Campania region's mozzarella di bufala. Our pies immediately show off the signature smart sourcing of the New Old School. The lighter Donna Rita comes topped with pomodorini del Piennolo (a grape-shaped tomato that grows in the hills of Mount Vesuvius), escarole, anchovies, capers and black olives, plus a dusting of fresh Provolone and, surprisingly, bread crumbs. Foodie pilgrimage: 48 hours and 20 pies in and around Naples, the birthplace of pizza | Houston Chronicle
05302014 I am shamelessly obsessed with Naples and, though I have been based in Rome since 2003, I have spent a great deal of time there exploring, writing guide books and filming several episodes of “Cities of the Underworld”. I am completely in love with the place and it saddens me that lots of visitors to Italy skip Naples on their way to the Amalfi Coast, squandering precious culinary and cultural opportunities in the process. Naples has one of the best food cultures in the country and its specialties scratch nearly every imaginable gastronomic itch. My Naples | Parla Food
05312014 Staying in the ancient Spaccanapoli district, Coyne said she mingled with residents and photographed the street life. “There’s so much life on the street and it’s really old-world,” she said. “It gave me the opportunity to encounter people and talk with them, get their photos and get a feel for the inner city.” Streets of Naples through the lens of a Brooklyn-born photojournalist | NYDaily News

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