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FAMILY LEGACY ALIVE At the end of World War II, Giovanni Russo founded his small winery.  This was a time when wine was transported by horse-drawn wagon to larger merchants, who supplied the larger shops and city restaurants. Today, Giovanni’s youngest son, Maurizio, runs the winery. Cantina del Vesuvio: My Italy Journey Continues with a Trip to the Lacryma Christi DOC |

Friday, August 23, 2019

BATHING ESTABLISHMENT This popular spot near Mergellina port in Naples first opened in 1840. Among the Sea Garden colorful umbrellas and beach huts and the half-ruins of Palazzo Donn’Anna, Lenù frolics in the sea, reads novels, and explores her sexuality with Antonio. 10 Filming Locations From the HBO Series ‘My Brilliant Friend’ in Naples | Fodors

Thursday, August 22, 2019

FINE DINING EXPERIENCE Here on the cliffs of Sorrento ancient Roman history has been merged with 19th century classical Roman architecture and the luxury trappings of a Relais & Chateaux resort. Under the guidance of the Russo family, this historic property has found a fabulous modern expression. Mimmo Jodice: Elegant fine dining at the Bellevue Syrene in Sorrento | Communities Digital News

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

THE BIGGEST ROYAL PALACE IN THE WORLD Designed by the architect Ludwig Van Wittel, who was later referred to as Vanvitelli, the palace was built in the mid-1700s. On a tour of the Palace of Caserta, you’ll find extravagant throne rooms and royal apartments, a theatre, and a stage that opens out into the surrounding park and is used for plays. 10 Old European Palaces You Can Visit Besides Versailles | The Travel

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

ON THE CLIFFS OF THE AMALFI COAST With a dramatic cliff-side setting, Monastero Santa Rosa has only 20 rooms and is still a bit of a secret address. Its most defining feature is the large infinity pool carved into the rock that seems to melt into the ocean in the distance. The 17 Best Hotel Pools in the World | Indagare

Sunday, August 18, 2019

I NEVER THOUGHT I'D LIVE IN NAPLES They say when you come to Napoli you cry twice: once when you arrive and once when you leave. Lord knows, this city brought me to tears more than a few times. But I know a part of me will weep when we go. A dopo, Italia. Ci Vediamo, Napoli! | Little Girl, Big World

FIANO, FALANGHINA, GRECO & TAURASI Feudi di San Gregorio has revolutionized Campania wine production through their contemporary interpretations of the centuries-old winemaking traditions of Irpinia. And this eye for the avant-guard, a fine-tuned ability to be stylish but never “trendy,” is seen most clearly on the labels and in the winery itself. Style and design in the world of wine | The Grand Wine Tour

Saturday, August 17, 2019

FLORAL ROOF GARDEN On the hillside overlooking the historic city center, the Hotel San Francesco al Monte is in a former 16th-century monastery. The hotel has 45 elegant guestrooms—once the monks’ chambers—each with a sea view. Best Hotels in Naples, Italy | Forbes

Friday, August 16, 2019

HIGH-CLASS EATS Top chefs feed the crowds at this year’s Festa a Vico: a salt cod sfogliatella, topped with purple potato and roe – a pleasure to destroy. Anchovy liquor and baby octopus: Food secrets of the Amalfi coast | The Independent

Thursday, August 15, 2019

WHERE TO EAT Years ago Riccardo Faggiano opened this modern restaurant, following in the restaurateur footsteps of generations before him. The welcomes given here are even more memorable than the food, and the food is pretty hard to beat. They've taken the very best of local produce from tuna and anchovies to tomatoes and lemons. Vietri sul Mare: The undiscovered Amalfi Coast | CNN Travel

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ARCHIPELAGO OFF THE COAST OF NAPLES Everyone’s heard of the magnificent Isle of Capri, but the nearby Phlegraean Islands, formed by volcanic activity, are home to the brightly coloured town of Procida – a photographers delight. 18 beautiful seaside towns in Italy | Vogue Australia

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GOOD LUCK CHARMS AND FERTILITY AMULETS Archeologists discovered the objects in a horde hidden in a room in the Casa del Giardino. The esoteric collection belonged to a low-born Roman or even a slave who used it for casting spells and engaging in rituals linked to fertility, seduction, child birth and marriage. Archaeologists in Pompeii find amulets and charms that may have been used by Roman sorcerer | The Telegraph

Monday, August 12, 2019

MAGNIFICENT VIEWS OF MOUNT VESUVIUS After a quick breakfast, we set off along the coast. After about an hour, we arrived in Amalfi, stunningly located on coastal cliffs. Near Salerno, we decided to turn to the Italian mainland and use toll highways, where most fast chargers are located. Seasides & Volcanoes — Electric Van Road Trip, Part 3 | Clean Technica

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MARINA DI PISCIOTTA, A FISHING VILLAGE Directly in front of the shop, the Tyrrhenian Sea stretches westward to the horizon, and it's in these waters that Donatella's husband, and about a dozen local fishermen use menaica nets to catch mature alici, or anchovies. The Menaica Nets of Italy's Cilento Coast Saveur

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IMPENETRABLE SURFACE On the weekends Mamma Rita would take me down the peninsula, to Vico Equense or Sorrento. From that parallel reality, the gulf showed its true colors. Dark as squid ink and sweet-smelling, it truly was a black pearl, so beautiful that it made me feel sad. It was a reaction I couldn’t explain…or even admit to in such fashionable spots. Il mare di Castellammare / The sea in Castellammare | Heddi Goodrich

Friday, August 9, 2019

EXPLORE A CASTLE The Castello Aragonese perched on a rocky islet connected to Ischia by a bridge. Watch the sun set in a pyrotechnic blaze of colour as you wiggle your toes in the sand at a beachside restaurant, all the while sipping some fine wine. Here's Your Guide To The Ideal Italian Beach Vacay | Outlook Traveller

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LAST SUPPER IN POMPEII “The essential Mediterranean diet has not changed, and will never change,” Dr. Roberts said. “Wine never dies out, bread never dies out, and olives continue.” Stuffed Dormouse and Fish Gut Sauce: The Flavors of Pompeii | The New York Times

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

MEDICAL PLANTS, NATURAL HERBS & SPICES The botanical garden host 300 species of plants and flowers . Surrounded by greenery and many different fragrances you will also have the opportunity to taste typical infusions, macerates and biscuits. Salerno – “Minerva’s Gardens” | Petros Room

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YOU CAN DOCK IN FORIO Go cave-swimming, or just drop anchor (drop anchor! Imagine! Saying ‘drop anchor’ in real life!) by one of the many seaside resorts and silently hang out with the plethora of other boats stopping for a lunchtime ocean picnic. I survived the hydrofoil to Ischia to tell the tale | Lonely Planet

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CAMPANIA'S UNIQUE GEOLOGY World-class vineyards thrive at the foot of Italy's Mount Vesuvius. There are hundreds of varieties native to this region, where wine has been made for 9,000 years. Campania's world-class white wines | SFGate

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MULTICULTURAL CITY Today, reggae sounds live in spaces such as Scugnizzo Liberato, a former nunnery and juvenile detention centre in Naples’ hilly Montesanto district. I pass through a graffiti-covered entrance and enter a courtyard full of the laughter of a group from Cape Verde playing football while kids play outside a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple. ‘Here, you fight for your life’: how reggae brought hope to Naples | The Guardian 

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YOU'RE IN THE CLOUDS Hotel Villa Franca’s ultra-swanky restaurant, Li Galli is quite frankly the very best fine dining experience to be had on the Amalfi Coast at the moment. Hurry and go now before Michelin catches on and reservations become impossible—there are only about 20 covers after all. This Chic Hilltop Hotel Is Positano's Best-Kept Secret | Forbes

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OUTDOOR AND INDOOR POOLS The hot springs of Ischia have been drawing visitors for centuries, and Il Mezzatorre’s wellness centre channels the restorative powers of the local water and mud. Il Mezzatorre hotel takes over a 16th-century watchtower on the Italian island of Ischia | The Spaces

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MOUNTAINTOP MONASTERY Seen from Camaldoli, the suburban sprawl of greater Naples sits atop a massive volcanic caldera that may be poised to erupt. Posillipo Hill, the dark ridge on the left, is part of the wall of the caldera, which stretches 12 kilometers across. A massive volcano beneath Italy is stirring | Discover Magazine

JULY 2019


07012019 It’s just full of life with locals enjoying the ritual passeggiata, groups of youngsters chatting and and tourists getting a real feel for the town. Make sure you arrive in time for an aperitivo at the little kiosk of Santa Teresa beach for a spritz with a view. What to see in Salerno, the gateway to the Amalfi Coast | My Italian Diaries
07022019 The exhibit includes Panathenaic Amphorae, vessels decorated with representations of different sports disciplines, frescoes of the Vesuvian cities with depictions of fights and chariot races, marble sculptures of athletes and inscriptions from ancient Naples. MANN takes the field for Napoli 2019: the "Paideia" exhibition | Napoli 2019 Summer Universiade
07032019 The San Paolo stadium is transformed into a great gulf. The gulf and the Vesuvius, water and fire, represent the main elements of the stage set. The seating area for the athletes is set up in the shape of a big U. University Games 2019 Opening Ceremony: Live Stream and How to Watch Summer Universiade Napoli |
07042019 The imposing Sacra Famiglia church was originally built in the 15th century in the city’s historical centre but now sits proudly in the well-maintained neighbourhood. It was moved there brick by brick in 1934 – a gift from the Catholic Church – and contains the Eternal Father, the only other work in Naples by Sanmartino, sculptor of the famous Veiled Christ. Tunnel visions | Big Issue North
07052019 This Sorrento-style cannelloni recipe is Italian comfort food at its best, with roasted peppers and aubergines nestling against gooey fior di latte cheese. Sorrento-style cannelloni | Great Italian Chefs
07062019 Calling on locally-sourced ingredients and a bounty of produce grown on site the newly-appointed head chef delivers traditional cuisine with a contemporary twist. Indulge in freshly grilled fish, homemade pasta and seasonal dishes in Al Mare as the sea laps against the coast right under your feet. Hotel Santa Caterina Amalfi: When life gives you lemons | The London Economic
07072019 A special netting for their best vineyards used for their Taurasi DOCG wines which would not affect the sunlight or aeration yet could be pulled down when their was a threat of hail during the spring. Also, the netting can be pulled all the way back so it does not collapse from too much snow collecting during the winter. Bringing Engineering To Volcanic Wines In Campania, Italy | Forbes
07082019 I enjoyed Pompeii but found everything to look the same after a while. Herculaneum is completely different. I literally walked into every single courtyard, house, and ruin that I could when there. Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Herculaneum from Naples | Megan Starr
07092019 The Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for a reason! It’s so romantic and charming. The cobblestone streets and cozy restaurants– ahh it’s like a movie! the amalfi coast vs santorini & mykonos - which vacation was better? | Katie's Bliss
07102019 While Zimmermann dresses usually take center stage at any event, it was the exquisitely designed tables and lemon arbor that stole the show. Chic in Capri | Habitually Chic
07112019 What makes Naples’ nightlife cool is not a slew of hipster bars furnished with pallet furniture and bare light bulbs, but the very absence of these kind of places. Italy’s coolest city: why Naples is the place to be right now | Lonely Planet
07122019 Naples is now humming with visitors. In this Mediterranean capital watched over by the still-kicking Vesuvius volcano, tourist numbers have more than doubled since 2010. 36 Hours in Naples, Italy | The New York Times
07132019 Trekking through Naples, Italy as the Palace crew does in this lookbook captured by famed photographer Juergen Teller. Palace Skateboards Summer 2019 Lookbook | The Source Magazine
07142019 It's the perfect spot to strike a pose, take a selfie, and get the all-important food shots all in one place. The #Positano hashtag has been in the captions of more than 1.5 million Instagram posts, and that's without mentioning the times it has been tagged as a location. Positano — the colorful, Instagram-famous town on Italy's Amalfi Coast | Business Insider
07152019 If there’s one place to enjoy a quintessential summer holiday, it’s in the south. Eat the best bruschetta at Ristorante Pizzeria Aglio olio & Pomodoro. A photographer’s guide to southern Italy | Vogue Australia
07162019 Probably the best beach club in Ischia, Bagno Teresa is also a great bar and restaurant spot; think of it as a high-end one-stop-shop. Midweek, it’s all about romance – but that changes as soon as the weekend hits. Where to Drink + Dance in Ischia, Italy | SUITCASE Magazine
07172019 The narrow road follows a 32 mile stretch of coastline along the steep and precipitous edge of the Sorrentine Peninsular. In parts it’s cut out of vertical cliff faces which plunge into the sea below. The Amalfi Coast: a manic, yet spectacular coastal ride | Adventure Bike Rider
07182019 The coastal region of Campania has long produced some of the south’s most stunning white wines. The whites are generally made from Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Falanghina grapes and the local, coastal breezes keep these wines’ flavor profiles refreshing and saline. Southern Italy Some Stunning White Wines | Forbes
07192019 Italy’s latest hotspot. Ischia is becoming known for its thermal spas (the island has over 100 thermal springs), spectacular coastline and designer shopping, making it a favourite among the fashion set. 12 unsung alternative European islands to head to this summer | EveningStandard
07202019 With more than 3 million people living in its surroundings, the province of Naples is the most densely populated volcanic area in the world — and this peculiarity has forged the spirit of the city and its inhabitants over the centuries. The awareness of sitting on a time bomb makes life slower. Lands of Fire | Italics Magazine
07212019 A gentle coastal landscape, mountains, impressive gorges, wild rivers and wide plains – the northern Cilento area offers a variety of attractive hiking trails. The northern Cilento: Hiking – culture & cuisine included | Cilentano - Natürlich Süditalien!
07222019 Paestum is also home to a cluster of buffalo farms that produce Italy’s best mozzarella di bufala. Cilento, South Italy, the hidden treasure | Vittorio Sciosia
07232019 Biancolella grapes thrive on the island’s volcanic soil and the result is an assertively flinty white wine. September is wine festival month on Ischia and Casa D’Ambra welcomes visitors from all over the world. Phlegraean Islands: Ischia Highlights | Italia Magazine
07242019 The aqueduct Carolino or Vanvitelli was time off for the longest bridge in Europe, with its length of 41 kilometres. Had, indeed, the task of bringing the water from the foot of Mount Taburno (Benevento) up of the Royal Palace of Caserta. The conduit, long 1,2 meters high and 1,3 meters, It is marked by 67 torrini, with a square plan and pyramidal constructions. The aqueduct of Vanvitelli | Unesconet
07252019 Napoli is a city that loves people. It reminds me of Africa because of all of the warmth. My neighbors, they consider me like a son. Since I have been in Napoli, I am like another man. I am really at peace. We Are All Brothers | The Players' Tribune
07262019 Underneath the old buildings, flanking the roads, there are still Greek and Roman remains with their own stories to tell. And the stories told by the guide embrace 2500 years of intrigues, plots, murders, “monacielli” and poltergeist. The Greek-Roman ancient town of Neapolis | Elite Italian Guides
07272019 Borgo La Pietraia enjoys a majestic panorama of mountains and sea. It is a true paradise insulated with pomegranate and olive trees and scented by hedges of bay leaves, rosemary and other Mediterranean herbs and flowers. Paint and sketch on the Amalfi and Cilento coasts with a small group of fellow artists. | Feast on History
07282019 While Pompeii was a living, breathing metropolis, Herculaneum was a resort town for the Roman elite, Michele explained. I visited Pompeii and its less touristy sister town Herculaneum in a day, and the experiences couldn't have been more different | Business Insider
07292019 Even if visiting art museums isn’t quite your thing, I defy you not to gasp when you see The Veiled Christ laid out in the middle of the old chapel. It is chillingly lifelike and you can only wonder how the artist who created it managed to get the effect of seeing the form of Christ through a semi-transparent veil — all chiselled from a lump of marble. Take advantage of the direct flights from Cork and visit Naples | Irish Examiner
07302019 On July 13, China·Chengdu Panda Café, a café featuring panda elements, officially debuts in Naples, Italy. The café has quickly conquered the palate of local citizens and many people crowded in it to taste the unique “Chengdu Flavor” coffee. China·Chengdu Panda Café Officially Opens in Naples, Italy | Business Wire
07312019 Sant’Ambrogio is a hugely significant discovery in Byzantine heritage and a stunning example that illuminates this fascinating period in history. It deserves wider recognition so that more visitors to the Lombard region discover Montecorvino Rovella and its rich heritage for themselves. Byzantine expert visits Italy to help put heritage site on the map | University of Birmingham

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JUNE 2019


06012019 Atrani deserves a mention as one of the beautiful places on the Amalfi Coast. The village is firmly wedged between 2 hills that run along the Dragone River, which as you have guessed means Dragon River. Naturally, there is also a legend about a fire-breathing dragon that would spend hisdayshiding there. You Must See These Beautiful Places On The Amalfi Coast | Gastrotravelogue
06022019 Since AD 79, the volcano has also erupted repeatedly. There have been no eruptions since 1944, and none of the eruptions after AD 79 were as large or destructive as the Pompeian one. Aerial shot of Mount Vesuvius, 9 km east of Naples, Italy | reddit
06032019 I planned a nine-day trip to Naples, Capri, Amalfi and Rome. Why an old-fashioned European honeymoon beats Indian Ocean insta-bliss | The Telegrap
06042019 The Baia castle is one of the few places in Europe where very small areas infused archaeology, history, myths, and even Geology! It stands on the Western extremity of the Bay of Naples at Capo Miseno near Cuma, the first permanent Greek colony on the Apennine Peninsula. The Museum of the Phlegraean fields in the Castle of Baia|
06052019 When you think eating healthy is a punishment, that means you have never been at Mangiafoglia. A place where the vegeratian tradition made in Campania is made by vegetables from Vesuvio. Mangiafoglia | The Sooper
06062019 This claim draws on the distinctive U of Universiade and the fact that once you set foot in Napoli, it is a unique city. It cannot be forgotten that setting up the Athletes’ Village on cruise ships is something that has never happened before for a major international multi-sport event. Tradition and innovation set to converge at Summer Universiade 2019 | FISU
06072019 Use Naples as a starting point to embark on a scenic road trip from Sorrento to Salerno along the Amalfi Coast, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique blend of cultural riches and extraordinary landscapes. O Solo Mio: United To Operate Direct Flights to Naples | Forbes
06082019 Refugees and asylum seekers from a hosting and reception center in the Italian city Caserta received training. As part of the special project "Pizza against racism", Ouattara together with other pizza chefs and a group of 20 migrants from the local SPRAR, was invited to take part in a training at Gino Sorbillo's pizzeria, one of Naples' iconic pizza places. Migrants learn the art of pizza-making at popular restaurant in Naples | InfoMigrants
06092019 Crunchy deliciousness when it comes to streetfood, from stuffed courgette flowers to alici fritti (fried anchovies) and crocche’ di patate, essentially fried mashed potato. I urge you to try anything and everything you encounter battered and fried. Naples Food Map: where and how to eat in Italy’s culinary capital | Spectator Life
06102019 Campania, where Vesuvius remains an explosive threat and in the meantime turns out some of the nation's most unusual wines. Why Italy's Volcanoes Matter To Its Wines | Forbes
06112019 Away from the busy beach towns and thermal spas that have lured Europeans for generations. We passed vineyards, lemon trees, palms and pines, bougainvillea pouring over walls built centuries ago from blocks of porous volcanic rock, or tufa, fitted together so perfectly they didn’t even require mortar. Here’s How to Plan a Trip to Naples and Ischia | Travel + Leisure
06122019 Rihanna was also seen enjoying some water sports the day before in Capri, zooming across the sea on a motorboat-led raft. These shoes aren't made for boating! Rihanna slips off her precarious platforms to board her luxury yacht in Positano | Daily Mail
06132019 The two wines that really illustrate the potential of Cenatiempo great winemaking on this small island are the Kalimera Biancolella sourced from an old parcel of Biancolella at high elevation and also the small production Forastera bottling w6hich is more reminiscent of a mountain wine from the north. Cenatiempo | Polaner Selections
06142019 Goodbye Ischia and let's all put pen for a great welcome to Iskiah! Some locals at the island and marketing experts in Naples made this change of name because they mean this writing retouch is necessary to facilitate a correct pronunciation – and still recognizable. Hear The Sound of Iskiah and New Magic Name | King Goya Travel Magazine
06152019 Guests still come for the sea views and the thermal spa—one of the largest in the region—where the island’s mineral-rich thermal waters and mud are used for treatments. Today’s guests can take an aperitivo in the bar, enjoy meals at the Michelin-starred Indaco restaurant, and soak in the pools. The 7 Most Luxurious Suites on the Amalfi Coast | Architectural Digest
06162019 Belmond Villa Margherita, set in the hotel grounds but with its own private gardens, has two master suites with frescoed ceilings, a vast living-dining-lounging room with tall French doors opening onto mint costiera vistas. Amalfi Coast villa with glamour to spare | How To Spend It
06172019 The white interior is shaped with Moorish arches and curves, creating intimate pockets that perfectly frame views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Palazzo Avino exudes an understated elegance and glamour without ostentation or manufactured grandiosity. Living la dolce vita in a 12th-century palazzo on the Amalfi coast | The Australian Financial Review
06182019 Capri is an ancient island of two halves, Capri and Anacapri. I make a torta caprese in two layers. The lemon and chocolate cakes, united by almond, go beautifully together. Clams, baked bream and torta caprese: recipes for an Italian summer feast | The Guardian
06192019 First Dates Hotel is based once again in Southern Italy, specifically at the Aquapetra Resort and Spa in Campania. "This hotel has the perfect mix of luxury and old-fashioned romance in arguably the most passionate country in the world.” What time is First Dates Hotel on Channel 4 tonight, who is host Fred Siriex and where is the show filmed? | The Sun
06202019 This linguine from Rummo is the company’s “No. 13,” which refers to the bronze die they use to make the pasta. (Most of the brands on the list use bronze dies for their pastas.) They use durum wheat and “the purest water from the Sannio valley,” according to the website. 11 Best Gourmet Pastas You’ll Love (2018) |
06212019 High up on a hill on the fringes of the city is the Museo di Capodimonte, filled with traditional Neapolitan painting and sculpture, as well as works from Italian greats such as Caravaggio and Titian. The terracotta palace is just as beautiful on the outside, with palm trees swaying gently on the lawn, and the terrace offers a smasher of a view across the city. Why you should visit Naples this summer | The Independent
06222019 La Guardiense "Janare Senete" Falanghina del Sannio DOC. Made from the ancient Italian grape variety Falanghina by one of the largest co-operative wineries in Italy. This crisp white offers the best of both worlds — the patio-perfect appeal of a quaffable quencher as well as the depth, concentration and complexity of a serious dinner party wine. New releases: Five spectacular and undervalued wines | The
06232019 Utilizing as natural and sustainable practices as possible in the vineyard, Fulvio and Imma Cautiero pay careful attention to the surrounding flora and fauna, wildlife, soils, and climatic influences, in each step they take. Cautiero Azienda Agricola 2014 Trois Sannio Greco DOC Review | The Wine Spies
06242019 Procida has pioneered electric bicycles, or e-bikes. Wherever you walk, the swift, almost silent machines breeze past, their riders relaxed and upright, cruising up the kind of hills that would have seen the hero of "Il Postino" give up and walk. An electric revolution on Procida, the Italian island time forgot | CNN
06252019 An hour and a half later, I pulled into Forio, on Ischia’s western coast, and spotted the Pensione Di Lustro, the couple’s former residence, just opposite the small, palm-tree lined harbor. “It is the pleasantest pensione in Forio, an interesting bargain, too,” wrote Capote in his 1949 essay “Ischia.” Retracing Truman Capote’s Moment in the Mediterranean Sun | The New York Times
06262019 For the first time the Morra Greco Collection will be shown in Naples, through curatorial approaches and focusing on the single artists, aside the residency program and commissioned productions, starting with artists Jimmie Durham, Peter Bartoš and Henrik Håkansson. The Beneficial Catastrophe of Art | NERO Editions
06272019 We've traveled all over the world, and Ischians are some of the kindest people on the planet. Before the tourist boom almost 50 years ago, Ischia was a poor island where the people got by with very little and formed a very tight-knit community. 9 Reasons Ischia Should Be Your Summer Vacation Destination | Allure
06282019 Biancolella is a white variety planted near the sea in Campania, most notably on the island of Ischia. The variety has high acidity and offers aromas and flavors of lemon, citrus and candied fruit; the wines have a saltiness and distinct minerality; the wines are generally not oak aged. Italy's Indigenous Varieties - Part One | Forbes
06292019 "Bicento" is the name of this important red wine, which translated literally means “twice 100”. It is named as such because the grapes for this wine come from 200-year-old ungrafted vines that are grown on volcanic soils on the Taurasi hills, 500 metres above sea level. Nativ Bicento 2013 (Campania) - Wine Review | Vintages Wine Picks & Reviews
06302019 On the fitness influencer's page, the star reveals they are staying in a hilltop private apartment in the town of Ravello, which has its own swimming pool, huge sun terrace with panoramic views and even a mini maze in the garden. Inside Lucy Mecklenburgh and Ryan Thomas' romantic Amalfi Coast getaway |

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MAY 2019


05012019 We found ourselves in Marina Corricella and liked the menu at Ristorante Bar La Graziella. Mr 77 and I had a long lazy lunch and the most spectacular fresh seafood feast. Our waiter was funny and charming, the day was hot and hazy, the meal, the wine, the ambience made it pure perfection. Procida – the enchanting isle! | Gate 77
05022019 Procida was sunny, instantly cheering us up. It wasn't a big island: we could walk its length in 45 minutes, cross it in 20. The coast was a series of round bays with high cliffs: flooded volcano craters, trimmed with dark, volcanic sand. A daunting 16th century fortress of an historic centre stared down from a high cliff at one end. Heads (and Feet) in the Sand | Lynne the Pencil
05032019 Have a small one-day tour of Procida, from the historical Terra Murata till the harbour of Marina Chiaiolella, passing by the colorful fisherman’s village of Corricella, between the  nature and local architecture, the authentic flavors of the island and atmosphere of old times. Procida in one day |
05042019 The sunglasses and eyewear frames “made in Capri” are become a very coveted accessories for many VIPs who choose the Blue island for their shopping. In addition, the 60s design and the vintage style, combining tradition and retro, meet the taste of the new millennium dandies. Capri People | Orizzonte Italia Magazine
05052019 The spas in Ischia are very different from what we would consider a spa in the U.S. Think more outdoor water park with multiple pools, grottos, hot springs and areas dotted with lounge chairs and umbrellas. There was a restaurant, snack bar and locker room as well! Ischia Italy Travel Guide | Katie's Bliss
05062019 The hike to the top of Vesuvius is relatively easy, and takes less than 30 minutes in each direction. Even those who are not avid hikers will not feel exerted by the trek. On a clear day, you can witness incredible panoramas over the city as you ascend towards the main crater. A Local’s Guide on Things to Do in Naples Italy: Not Just the Tourist Sites | High Heels & A Backpack
05072019 The ferry area is very much like an airport in that you wait for your ferry at the right ‘gate’. After waiting for an hour or so, the evening light was drawing in and the sky lit up a dusky pink. We saw the ferry (otherwise known as the ‘hydrofoil’) pulling in to our gate with the famous Mount Vesuvius in the background. An Italian Adventure from Naples to Amalfi | The Travelista
05082019 Some wines were made in a lighter, more elegant style, while others were burly and tannic. Some were predominantly fruity, while others were complex and savory, with great minerality. Aglianico in Its Own Right | The New York Times
05092019 It is called MIMA, Museo d’Impresa Mastroberardino Atripalda, and tells the story of a family that is a symbol of the viticulture of Irpinia, between three denominations (Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi). The events of the Mastroberardino family in an exhibition that lasts three centuries | WineNews
05102019 For people who are dreaming of relaxing on a beach on the Amalfi Coast. United Is Launching the Only Nonstop Flights Between the U.S. and Naples, Italy | Travel + Leisure
05112019 A secret to the restaurant’s success, proclaims chef-owner Alfonso Iaccarino, is his family’s organic farm, Le Peracciole.  At the end of the Sorrentine Peninsula overlooking Capri, reached only via narrow, twisty roads built by the Romans high on the sun-kissed cliffs, this is the hotel’s fresh-off-the-vine pantry. Oranges and lemons, olive trees everywhere, artichokes, fava beans and plump San Marzano tomatoes… ready to be turned lovingly into elegant dishes. Gourmet Guide | Elinor Griffith
05122019 There’s a sense of timelessness walking the stone paths and climbing stairs boasting unreal views of rugged coastline with layers of rocky, verdant cliffs. The Villa San Michele museum and garden with incredible sea views on Anacapri |
05132019 The Port System Authority of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea has announced that in the first two months of this year the traffic of container handled in the ports of Naples and Salerno has increased by 8.4% in terms of TEUs loaded and unloaded by the ships. Container traffic grows in Naples | The MediTelegraph
05142019 My Brilliant Friend, a new TV drama series on HBO based on the novels by Elena Ferrante, has put Naples back on the map. Waterfront Chiaia is also at the centre of the novels. Then and now, this is “an elegant neighbourhood for shopping, strolling and people-watching”. A book-lover’s tour of Italy | MoneyWeek
05152019 When I watched the movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley” a couple of years ago, I could not stop wondering if there were still such places in Italy? I knew I the movie was filmed on a small island near Naples, but I had no idea how to get there and whether it is worth it. Until suddenly a revelation! I made my decision: we’re flying! Procida will feed the soul of an Italian lover. Agnieszka’s story | Italia by Natalia
05162019 Out on a sunny but chilly Bay of Naples, there was a remarkably action-packed opening day of racing at the inaugural Capri Classica, with lead changes galore, a David v Goliath competition and an encounter with a Neapolitan fishing net best forgotten. Capri Classica: Mega-schooner match race on the Bay of Naples | Sail-World
05172019 Down south, Neapolitans have long made aperitifs with light sparkling wine that has been diluted with gassosa, a sweet and sparkling soft drink, and garnished with slices of percoca, or peach. At most bars, a sea of delicious snacks accompanies this classic aperitif: taralli, frittata di maccheroni (a fried pasta omelet), and fried or baked small pizzas. Naples Makes the Spritz Its Own | Culinary Backstreets
05182019 Just north of Spaccanapoli, the main east-west street splitting Naples, this is a 15th-century palace converted into a vibrant hotel with minimalist yet comfy rooms. A courtyard with olive trees and a bar makes a great spot to unwind. Naples for under £100 a night! How to explore this Italian gem on a shoestring budget | Daily Mail
05192019 Artist Eduardo Castaldo, the official photographer on the set of the series production, completed the mural in January. Speaking to City Lab he explained his intention was to ‘recreate the presence of the characters from the book, the series and everybody’s imagination’. A mural honouring My Brilliant Friend has been created in Naples | Lonely Planet
05202019 Many dishes that today are considered fundamental to Neapolitan cuisine had their origins in France, like rice sartù (from French sourtout), potato gatò (from French gateaux) and the king of kings — the babà, a small yeast cake soaked in a liquor syrup. A Pizza-Free Guide to the Best Food in Naples | Fathom
05212019 Curators, and scientists work to preserve the Drunken Satyr, a rare ancient Roman bronze from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Learn what makes this statue particularly fascinating, what conservators are doing to stabilize it for the future, and how the Getty partners with colleagues in Italy to study and conserve outstanding examples of ancient art in the Naples collection. Video: Buried by Vesuvius—The Drunken Satyr | The Getty Iris
05222019 The volcanic islet boasts the best of Neapolitan food, lazy beaches overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, and a cool island breeze. Come for the archetypal Italian pace of life and a quaint village feel in the island’s tiny comuni. Destination Inspiration: Ischia, Italy | SUITCASE Magazine
05232019 This unique, luxury camping dome is located on the island of Ischia. Outside, there is a furnished deck surrounded by wild Mediterranean shrubs with panoramic views of the Bay of San Francesco. Unique Dome Structure Perfect for Luxury Camping with Panoramic Bay Views in Ischia, Italy | Glamping Hub
05242019 Sant’Angelo juts out languidly into the Tyrrhenian linked by a small isthmus to a rocky outcrop that looms over the town. The town climbs on to the mountain ridge where the ancient tuff houses of fishermen are huddled close to each other. These are now largely replaced by guest houses and hotels, with terraces and balconies overlooking a magnificent panorama. Lacco Ameno and Sant'Angelo | somewhereyouveneverbeen
05252019 There are corners of Pompeii that have not seen daylight since they were buried in volcanic debris. The shoring up and conservation of the area known as Regio V, in the north of the city, as part of the €105 million Great Pompeii Project, is unearthing some extraordinary works of art. The new treasures of Pompeii | The Spectator
05262019 Michigan honors the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. It's pom-PAY right? Not in Michigan, where the locals call it pom-pay-eye. What is that extra 'i' doing on the end there anyway? Might as well make sure you pronounce it. 20 Towns Named for Other Towns But Pronounced Differently | Mental Floss
05272019 The Italian Navy’s new landing helicopter dock (LHD) Trieste was launched in a ceremony at Fincantieri’s Castellammare di Stabia shipyard on May 25. A fully equipped hospital will also be available onboard. New Italian aircraft carrier launched 15 months after construction start | Naval Today
05282019 Proprietor Antonio Capaldo began his sparkling wine project more than a decade ago, naming it DUBL. "We had a strong belief in the potential of our terroir: natural fruit freshness and soil minerality are perfect to make a great sparkling wine." Italy's Best Sparkling Wines - Part Two - Piedmont, Campania, Trentino, Sicily and Marche | Forbes
05292019 Casa Angelina is perched majestically on a cliff-side location over the turquoise Mediterranean. This minimalist boutique hotel boasts first class facilities, delightful service and some of the best food on the coast. Forget Positano and Sorrento, Praiano and Ravello are the Amalfi Coast's hidden gems |London Evening Standard
05302019 You’ll be able to try the wines and tour a vineyard during your stay at the family-run Hotel Due Torri. Set amid idyllic wild meadows and boasting fantastic views over the Amalfi Coast, the hotel is a great place to retire after days out exploring the region. A walking holiday in Amalfi? It's the perfect way to explore Italy's glamorous coastline | Country Living Magazine
05312019 In Pompeii main trading commodity was red wine. In Herculaneum after the God Hercules, life, trade and prosperity was based around fishing. The original city was at sea level, smaller than Pompeii with only circa 4000 inhabitants. Deities and mortals on the Amalfi Coast | The Sunday Guardian

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APRIL 2019


04012019 Set amidst lush greenery and an enchanting bay, is Ischia’s biggest thermal water park, named for the Greek God of the Sea. Taking the waters and soaking up the sun on Poseidon’s private beach is following a great tradition that stretches back over thousands of years of pleasure seekers. 10 Reasons to Experience Ischia, Italian Island of Legends and Love Stories | Fodor's
04022019 Meghan Markle grins while on holiday in Positano, Italy. Positano, Madrid and Ibiza…Here’s how to holiday like Meghan Markle (and what she packs in her suitcase) | The Sun
04032019 In his painstaking book Native Wine Grapes of Italy, Ian d'Agata wrote of aglianico: "Along with nebbiolo and sangiovese, it is generally believed to be one of Italy's three best wine grapes, but in my opinion, it is far more: At the very least, it's one of the world's dozen or so best wine grapes." Aglianico in its own right | The Business Times
04042019 Under Poosh’s health section — the site also touches on wellness, style, and home and entertaining — and in between posts covering ways to cut sugar from your life and the foods to flatten your belly is a list of organic wines worth trying. It spans regions to include both a cabernet sauvignon from Paso Robles and a falanghina from Italy’s Campania region that’s airy and packed with stone fruit notes. Kourtney Kardashian’s Organic Wine Recommendations Are  Good | Eater
04052019 His winemaking emphasizes indigenous yeasts, minimum intervention and low sulfites added at bottling. Cilento Aglianicos tend to be more approachable than the austere wines made in nearby Taurasi. A lover of jazz De Conciliis' Naima, an elegant Aglianico is named after a John Coltrane song, while Donnaluna, a play on the Charlie Parker/Miles Davis bebop jazz standard “Donna Lee”, is a zingy Aglianico with 10% Primitivo added in some years. The Soulful Wines of Bruno De Conciliis |
04062019 Bacchus amat colles, said Virgil, i.e. wine loves the hills.  Few places are as steep as the Amalfi Coast, with terraces on all potential exposures. These ancient terraces transcend the work of those who created them and have become the image of beauty.  The soils are mainly limestone, although in Tramonti they are sometimes covered with old lava from Vesuvius. The Amalfi Coast, the paradox of the terroir | Selectus Wines
04072019 A well made Greco di Tufo offers sublime minerality and plenty of power; it just doesn't show it in obvious ways. Greco also ages extremely well. At Pietracupa, winemaker Sabino Laffredo sums up Greco quite succinctly; "Greco is a profound wine." Underrated, Underappreciated and Underreported Italian Wines And Producers  | Forbes
04082019 Halaban collaborates with her subjects, lighting and directing the scenes, turning them into actors in their own homes, to create the images in Italian Views, recently published by Aperture. “Palazzo Donn’Anna, Naples.” Gail Albert Halaban's New Photo Book Offers View into the Windows of Italians | PDN Online
04092019 The white grapes for Villa Campagnano DOC Ischia Bianco Superiore Antonio Mazzella come from vineyards that climb up the aide of the mountain on the southern side of Ischia. The sun, salt and freshness in Antonio Mazzella wines | DoctorWine
04102019 Put your self-care higher on your priority list (if it’s not already), and practice to live in the moment; this will vastly improve your quality of life. Pause to be grateful. Acknowledge what satisfies you. Stop and smell the roses (seriously), or at the very least. [Location credit for this post is Villa Tre Ville, Positano.] Daily Habits To Lead A More Mindful Life | Poosh
04112019 Sepe is the fourth-generation owner of Antica Cantina Sepe, a small wine shop in the working-class neighborhood of Sanità. on a Thursday night, you will find people spilling out of the shop – it’s a veritable street party. This is Francesco’s “AperiSepe,” his take on a classic Italian aperitivo, an after-work ritual of drinks and snacks. Antica Cantina Sepe | Culinary Backstreets
04122019 All ingredients are top notch, Ciro is using the same super quality tomatoes (casa Marrazzo), extra virgin olive oil and cheeses he’s used to offer in Naples. Very well matched wine list, plus a good espresso. What are you waiting for? 50 Kalò London di Ciro Salvo | Gambero Rosso
04132019 The Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte in Naples presents an exhibition this week that looks at the explosive impact that the Baroque painter’s late works had on artists in the southern city.  Seven works by Caravaggio with 19 paintings by Baroque artists active in Naples during and after his time there, including Battistello Caracciolo, Louis Finson and Jusepe de Ribera. How Caravaggio brought naturalism to Naples | The Art Newspaper
04142019 While ferries buzz in from the islands of Capri and Ischia, just off the coast. Watch the world go by with an ice cream in your hand – or simply sunbathe on the special floating decks created for the sun-worshipping Italians. Sorrento | Food and Travel Magazine
04152019 The balmy 40° waters of the 22 swimming pools at the famous Giardini Poseidon are said to possess beneficial healing properties, whilst the myth goes that a dip in the picturesque springs of the Fonte Delle Ninfe Nitrodi beautifies hair and skin. Wandering the rural paths that connect the towns of the island, it isn’t uncommon to come across white clay rocks emitting sulphurous steam jets. Travel: Ischia & Capri | Olivia Swash
04162019 Photographed by Tyrone LeBon over the course of several days in a private house on the Neapolitan island of Ischia, each image expresses a sense of intimacy, a summer spent on the coast of Italy. Bottega Veneta’s SS19 Campaign | Flaunt
04172019 As you approach the stone breakwaters separating the sea from the yacht-studded harbour. Azure blue contrasts sharply with a white-dominant town rising up a stony cliff. Brilliant blues will tempt you in the island of Capri | 100cobbledroads
04182019 Fontanavecchia’s success is the result of selecting the best grapes in the vineyard and winemaking carried out with the support of enologist Angelo Pizzi, a Falanghina expert. The wine speaks to the nature of the vintage, with a subtle and lingering range of aromas from green tea to mountain herbs. Wine buy of the month: Fontanavecchia Falanghina del Sannio 2017 | Gambero Rosso
04192019 Delia’s restaurant is mercifully open in spring, but only in the afternoon – which is arguably the best time to eat there, given the view from the stone terrace over orchards on one side and the Tyrrhenian Sea on the other. Weeks later I’m still dreaming of the mixed fish antipasti. Weekend Wanderlust: Simple pleasures in Cilento, home of Italy’s Mediterranean diet | The Local
04202019 It can take a while to walk through and see the Royal Apartments at Caserta Palace – although not quite as long as I expected. You see, the building has five floors and 1200 rooms! However, the section that is open to the public is only a fraction of that – about one quarter of one floor. Visiting Caserta Palace | Time Travel Turtle
04212019 The modern version of pastiera was probably invented in a Neapolitan convent. And while the cake is certainly beloved its deep, rich flavour, it’s also highly prized for its symbolic value. The main ingredients - whole wheat berries, ricotta, eggs and orange flower water (or zest) are staples of Napoli cooking, and the wheat and eggs symbolise the new life we celebrate at Easter. From an ancient goddess and convent kitchens, a beloved Easter dessert | SBS
04222019 The heart of everything is Candida (that means “white” in Italian), a small Irpino village of 1,100 inhabitants. There, the wineyard soil is pure, calcareous, always suited to the production of Fiano grapes. Amazing Fiano experience by Maura Sarno from Irpina Land in Southern Italy | TheWineReporter
04232019 Hidden within the maze of wholesale warehouses in the industrial area of Gianturco, to the east of city, is the historical Stingo ceramics workshop. Family-run since the 1700s, it is the last Naples producer of the original Majolica tiles. The local’s guide to Naples’ art scene: 10 top tips | The Guardian
04242019 On this organic farm in Italy’s Campania region, you can taste cheese and meet the cows who produce it. They live a very nice life which includes eating clover and getting massages. 8 Off-the-Beaten-Path Italian Experiences You Must Have| Postcard Academy
04252019 Multicolored braids, scaly legs, green eyes, and a smiling face is the mascot of the Summer Universiade 2019: the siren Partenope. The sports event will be held in the Campania region between July 3 and July 14. Universiade: siren Partenope named mascot | ANSAmed
04262019  Acquera Yachting has announced that it has been granted the commercial rights to manage the superyacht berths in Casamicciola Marina, as well as the sole helipad on Ischia Island. The marina, a 15-minute flight from Capodichino Naples, has 158 berths that can accommodate yachts up to 90m. Acquera Yachting awarded the commercial management of Ischia Island | SuperyachtNews
04272019 Sea views are on offer at this Capri villa by architect Francesco Della Femina, which sits on the slopes of Mount Solaro looking out towards Vesuvius. A clifftop villa with sea views hits the market on the island of Capri | TheSpacesmag
04282019  So the Unesco-listed Royal Palace of Caserta (Reggia di Caserta) is what happened when an Italian King visited France, sighted Versailles and decided he wanted to build a palace so grand that it becomes the largest building in 18th century Europe resulting in an Italy v’s France showdown. Places: The Royal Palace of Caserta | Yumi and Achille
04292019 From the minds behind Il Pellicano’s Tuscan resurgence comes a new project: a stunning seaside hotel on the island of Ischia built around a 400-year-old watch tower. Inside the Retro Charm of an Italian Island’s Chicest Hotel | The Wall Street Journal
04302019  In Cilento, dried biscuits are used to make a bread salad called Aquasale, a name which reveals the clever origins of these biscuits.  Women in Southern Italian coastal villages would twice bake halves of bread so that their husbands could take them along on their fishing boats. The biscuits were easily carried and then when it was time to eat, they could simply dip them in the salty sea. Acquasale: Bread and Tomato Salad | Feast on History

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MARCH 2019


03012019 Abbazia di Crapolla is situated above the town of Vico Equense. ‘The first mentions of wines here are from 1520 when the monastery produced it,’ says Fulvio Alifano, who has tastefully restored the former Benedictine abbey’s grange for visitors, and makes wines from a late-ripening variety called Uva di Sabato, as well as newly planted Pinot Nero. Decanter travel guide: Coastal Campania | Decanter
03022019 We invite you to sail the ancient Mediterranean trade routes with us. Lemon groves flourish above each village. Surrounded by the sea, we focus on fish and folklore. Amalfi: Sailing and Savoring the Gulf of Naples | Peggy Markel's Culinary Adventures
03032019 For a watery view of Ischia, hop from one coastal village to another via a private boat tour. A few suggestions: Maronti, a thermal beach with sand so hot that locals bury pots in it to cook stews, and nearby Sant’Angelo, a car-free fishing hamlet that’s home to mom-and-pop restaurants with umbrella-shaded tables on a seaside piazza. Ischia: Italy's Island Starlet | Virtuoso
03042019 Every day we went down to Regina Isabella's wonderful spa, where we floated in the naturally heated thermal pool. Afterward we either took the sauna or the steam before heading to the hotel's seashore and outdoor pool, where we sat, read, sunbathed and had our afternoon cappuccino. Seldom-Visited Ischia Is an Island Surprise | Creators
03052019 The founders of stylish brand Chez Dédé share their favorite images and drawings of Italy in a seductive new book. The tome loosely follows a trail from north to south, capturing sights and moments that have inspired Reina and Ferolla. See Italy's Chic Wonders Through a One-of-a-Kind Lens | Architectural Digest
03062019 One of my favourite places to eat is Da Cicciotto in the cliff-top area of Marechiaro. It has the most excellent fresh fish and I always order a big plate of spaghetti alle vongole with a glass of Greco di Tufo wine. Naples guide by Lucia Pica | CN Traveller
03072019 Surrounded by the dazzling azure blue sea and rugged cliffs, the beautiful Hotel Delfino sits on the cliff side overlooking the island of Capri and the Gulf of Naples. Its picturesque views can be admired from the roof top terrace where guests can sip a cocktail or two. Naples: An Italian Masterpiece | & Jet2holidays
03082019 An uncompromised authenticity that’s perhaps derived from the island’s 20-mile proximity to rough and tumble Naples.  I also recalled that Cleopatra was filmed here in the early 1960’s when Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton embarked on their storied romance, and mused this wouldn’t be a bad place to begin an affair. Ischia, Jet Set Without the Crowds - Travel Squire
03092019 “There are a few areas known for trendy bars: Via Chiaia and Via dei Mille and Via Aniello Falcone – Neapolitans call this last area baretti, due to its run of little bars, one after the other. My favorite place for a drink is Fonoteca in Vomero.” Naples: Where to go and what to do in the city offering a true taste of Italy | The i Paper
03102019 Neapolitan ragu is considered a “piatto unico,” something beyond merely a dressing for pasta. It was served on Sunday, because then we had time to sit at the table and enjoy the meal: first the pasta with sauce; and then, in the same dish, the meat that was cooked in the sauce. And, of course, bread to wipe the plate clean. On this the Italians all agree: True ragu needs time. | The Washington Post
03112019 Travelers are likewise pampered by massages and mud wraps courtesy of the island's geothermal characteristic, which helps fill the 22 thermo-mineral pools of the beachfront spa Giardini di Poseidon Terme. After your treatment of choice, peel off the sandals for a walk on the beach, a visit to the 15th-century Castello Aragonese, or a glass of biancolella (white) or per 'e palummo (red) wine from local vineyards. 10 islands to see before you die | CNN Travel
03122019 The latest doll to feature an Italian woman is the one dedicated to the Rosanna Marziale of restaurant Le Colonne in Caserta, with the following motivation: “She is part of the generation of chef women who are revolutionizing haute cuisine.” Marziale commented that she is “proud to be of inspiration for the girls who will choose this career. Three Barbie dolls dedicated to successful Italian women | All About Italy
03132019 One hidden gem was a restaurant where we had dinner one night in Nerano. When we got there, the chef greeted us and took us down into his wine cellar for a tasting before dinner. Then he took us to a terrace upstairs and starting bringing out all sorts of delicious Italian dishes. Wander or Bust: Amalfi Coast, Italy | Elite Daily
03142019 This time, instead of just having the paperback, I had as my personal tour guide the guy who wrote it: Cristian Bonetto.  The living, breathing, walking, talking Lonely Planet Naples Guide, if you will! The Real Lonely Planet Guide To Naples | Passport & Pixels
03152019 One of the best-known wineries here is Cantine Marisa Cuomo in Furore, where you can book a tour and sample some of the label’s offerings; the company categorizes the Fiorduva white made from three grape varieties as an “extreme” wine because of the difficult-to-cultivate terrain. 5 Places To Go In Italy This Summer If You Love Wine And The Beach | Forbes
03162019 "Arturo’s Island” is about a semi-orphaned boy’s coming-of-age on the island of Procida in the Bay of Naples in the years just before World War II. The island in this novel feels stolen from myth. An enormous prison looms over the island, as if it were Alcatraz. Arturo’s own house is a crumbling, spider-webbed 20-room palazzo. The boy roams the island with his dog, and the sea in his small boat. An Operatic Italian Classic Gets a Fresh Translation | The New York Times
03172019 Built as thermal resort in 1863 by the Manzi brothers, entrepreneurs from Ischia (among other things inventors of the Sambuca liqueur), related to the extraordinary properties of the Gurgitiello spring, in 1960 the Terme Manzi Hotel is acquired by publisher Angelo Rizzoli, who contributes to make known Ischia to the international jet set. History | Terme Manzi Hotel & SPA
03182019 The island of Ischia off the coast of Naples boasts 103 thermal wellness springs and belongs to a special class of bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium “hyper-thermal” waters, gushing at a temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Renowned since antiquity for their healing and regenerating properties, the springs earned the moniker Multi-Active Waters.” 8 Travel Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss | Architectural Digest
03192019 Radici means ‘roots’ in Italian, which signifies Mastroberardino’s devotion to safeguarding the indigenous varieties of ancient Irpinia. The grape Fiano was known in antiquity as “apiana” as it was noticed that bees had a particular affinity for this vine. A rare vine traditionally found near hazelnut orchards, Fiano d'Avellino appears to have adopted some of these notes into its flavor profile. Radici Fiano di Avellino DOCG 2017 | Winebow
03202019 The vines are on original rootstocks, and the enormous plants stand up to eight feet tall. “Yields are too low to harvest, but we gather the buds to produce new vines,” says renowned agronomist Pierpaolo Sirch, who is the agronomic and cellar operations supervisor for Feudi di San Gregorio. The next generation of plants is extremely young, but it represents the future of Fiano. Old Vines That Still Make Great Wine | Wine Enthusiast
03212019 Wine, you know, is made in the vineyard; we know it, but Nicola, Vera and Antonio Mazzella know a little more. Their life becomes more complicated when vineyards bend to the art of extreme funambulism and work becomes more difficult. Heavenly skies and vigorous vineyards clinging to steep terraces on the sea are the image of what is called heroic viticulture. The heroes of wine in Ischia |
03222019 Lucy Laucht umbrellas: Praiano, Salerno, Italy. Traveler, beware. It’s possible that visiting these places may change you for good. The reverence and reflection brought on at some of the world’s most ecstatic places may reveal changes you want to make in the direction of your life.  My Tiny Atlas: The World Through Travel Photographers' Eyes | Newsweek
03232019 The view from the kayak were amazing. What a great experience, floating on the aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean Sea with views of one of Italy's prettiest coastal town. Positano, Our Favorite Town on the Amalfi Coast | Earth Trekkers
03242019 The Circumvesuviana is a single-track, narrow-gauge line. In the course of about 90 minutes it arcs around the Bay of Naples, providing views out to Capri and across the Tyrrhenian Sea before depositing you in Sorrento - with its fine hotels, great restaurants and gelateria in abundance. Travel question of the day: Simon Calder on travelling to Sorrento without flying or going to the mountains | The Independent
03252019 Pococello can be summed up quickly: “Grown in Almalfi. Distilled in England. Born in Soho.” Pococello’s lemons are sourced from seventh-generation lemon growers from the Aceto family farm in Amalfi Town, and then blended with a fine British potato spirit in England. 7 Artisanal Limoncellos To Sip This Summer | Forbes
03262019 This is a very special walk in the hills near Mondragone on the Domitian coast. There are spectacular 360 degree views that give you a new perspective on the landscape of Campania, an atmospheric monastery and a beautiful secret garden. Mondragone – Secret Garden | Hiking Campania
03272019 There are three white grapes and one red from Campania that are gaining a foothold in the United States. Exploring the Italian Wine Renaissance in the Campania Region | Examiner Media
03282019 The Taurasi appellation requires that wines be aged a minimum of three years before release, with at least one year in barrels. Taurasi Riservas require an additional year of aging, with a minimum of 18 months in barrels. Aglianico in Its Own Right | The New York Times
03292019 Pompeii attracts more than 3.5 million visitors a year, and recent archaeological findings at the site are expected to increase visitor numbers in 2019. Italy is the most-searched holiday destination in the world | Il Globo
03302019 A well-preserved frescoed thermopolia counter is among the latest discoveries unearthed by archaeologists in Pompeii. Typical menus included coarse bread with salty fish, baked cheese, lentils and spicy wine. Pompeii ‘fast food’ bar unearthed in ancient city after 2,000 years | The Guardian
03312019 This scenic trattoria is named after the famous Neapolitan comics Antonio di Curtis, Eduardo di Filippo and the favorite local bean dish, pasta e fagioli. The antipasto is not your average appetizer—it is gut bustlingly abundant . With mussels, fried pizza, buffalo mozzarella, beans and eggplant Parmesan…..etc, it is really more of a meal than a starter. Top Ten Trattorias of Naples | Sauced & Found

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02012019 Young girls dressed as Holy Mary of Grace for the procession and distribution of the “Our Lady’s Bread” or “Holy Bread” or tortani, a kind of bread made specially for the occasion, to all the inhabitants of Castelvetere and the surrounding countryside. Others accompany children to the mountain to pick flowers with which to decorate St. Mary’s throne, or sew the verginelle’s dresses. Le Verginelle di Castelvetere | PRIVATE - International Review of Photographs
02022019 A week into our off-season trip to the ancient Amalfi Coast beach town of Minori, my wife and I heard whispers from a doorstep as we walked along a cobbled lane. Unlike the summer vacation season when Amalfi’s seaside resorts, restaurants and streets often are packed with travelers, February was quiet and residential. We were the only Americans in town. We were met with welcoming smiles. How 2 people vacationed on the Amalfi Coast and were the only Americans in town | Miami Herald
02032019 The new destination – Naples, Italy – will be served from United’s hub at Newark Liberty International Airport. United will become the only airline to fly to Naples from anywhere in North America once the service launches May 22. United Airlines adds Prague and Naples, Italy | USA Today
02042019 A serene walk through a wooded, waterfront park will take you through ancient Greek ruins at the Cuma archaeological site west of Naples. Yes, Greek. Cumae was the first Greek colony on Italy’s mainland. Ancient Greek settlement west of Naples well worth a wander | Stars and Stripes
02052019 An exchange that tends to strengthen communication on techniques, methods and experiences in the field of conservation of cultural heritage and archaeological sites, to work on projects for the fusion of tradition and modernity, through best practices and Italian technologies for the protection and the valorization to exhibit ancient urban discoveries in modern cities. China and Archeological Park of the Flegrei Fields used by culture: the Chengdu Protocol is born | Chinaples
02062019 Why do people live longer in southern Italy than southern Sweden? A group of Swedes will live with host families in Cilento on Italy's southeastern coast, while the same number of Italians will relocate to Malmö. Cilento is one of several so-called 'Blue zones', or places across the world where the locals have a significantly longer lifespan than average. Swedes and Italians to swap lives for three months for a study into longevity | The Local
02072019 Ischia has long been overshadowed by neighboring Capri in the minds of American tourists. But everyone else’s loss is your gain, because this island off the coast of Naples offers rich cultural history with opportunities for adventure and unique geologic features that have made it a haven for wellness retreats. Great Escapes: Italy’s Ancient, Overlooked Ischia | Penta
02082019 Eating habits of many people in southern Europe cut the incidence of heart attacks and strokes by 30 per cent in those at risk — were based on flawed research. it's possible to imagine that the Mediterranean diet — broadly defined as rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts, olive oil and oily fish, and  protective against cancer and heart disease — has lost something in translation. Is olive oil really the secret of long life? Giorgio Locatelli and the myth of the Mediterranean diet | The Times
02092019 Musc Oil’s dark intentions are enhanced by overheated roses and violets, wilted after a night nestled in a voluptuous, sandalwood-scented décolletage. A siren song that blooms with your own heat, it’s the scent of slept-in sheets and lost weekends. Panty-dropping perfumes | The Times
02102019 The villa is a former farmhouse near the town of Agropoli on the coast of Cilento, a region of southern Italy famous for its rolling hills, ancient Greek architecture and crystal-clear coves. The building is nestled among lemon-, pomegranate- and olive-trees, with views over the neighbouring Vallo di Diano National Park. Where to stay: The Pinelli Estate, Cilento | Town & Country Magazine UK
02112019 The EU-funded project has unearthed villas decorated with frescoes and mosaics depicting Roman gods and goddesses and animals such as crocodiles, snakes, deer and peacocks. Despite more than 250 years of intermittent excavations, a third of Pompeii still remains to be explored. Pompeii dig finds intact skeletons of two women and three children huddled together | The Telegraph
02122019 A family restoration project that frames this fragrant setting of Myrtle & Juniper bushes and shady Elm & Oak trees with a chilled boutique vibe. Inside, Il Cannito is a Mediterranean palette of exposed beams, limestone walls, terracotta floors, soft eggshell & chalky whites, sun bleached woods and designer pieces. Il Cannito | White Line Hotels
02132019 On the sunny Amalfi coast up in the village of Ravello, the famous "Mamma" Agata runs a fabulous restaurant overlooking the sea, teaches Italian cooking classes. "We balance the quality and quantity of ingredients -- not too much fat, just enough carbohydrates, lots of fish, chicken, and turkey, and just a little red meat." Italian Diet Secrets | WebMD
02142019 Andrew dives into the culinary treasures of Italy's majestically beautiful Amalfi Coast. He samples raw red mullet aboard a fishing boat, tastes years-old fish sauce. Bizarre Foods | Travel Channel
02152019 Mount Vesuvius and supervolcano Campi Flegrei in Campania bookend Naples and constitute a terroir that has unique soils and climate, which provide the conditions that are the perfect storm for wine grapes that excel only here. Wine from Volcanos | Tahoe Weekly
02162019 Stockfish has been a constant presence in Neapolitan markets, we proposed serving the stockfish raw, like Peruvian ceviche or a Japanese sashimi. And by pure chance was born a new product that we call the sashimi di stockfish, a sort of fusion between two very distant cultures. Antica Baccaleria Porta Capuana | Culinary Backstreets
02172019 From tradition (appetite for fresh vegetables, fruit, bread, olive oil, nuts, seafood and some dairy) in favour of trendy additions, such as coconut and cacao. Should you try the Pioppi diet? | The New Daily
02182019 The Cilento coast is still part of Campania and has a Unesco World Heritage Site national park, but mostly you’ll only be rubbing shoulders with Italian holidaymakers along its jagged 100km of coastline. L’Approdo Thalassa and Spa Resort sits on a small sandy cove in the heart of fishing village San Marco di Castellabate. 10 best beaches to visit in 2019 | The Independent
02192019 Cultivated in the Campi Flegrei, Sannio and the area of Casertano, the Falanghina vine seems to originate from an ancient greek-balkan vine strain. Falanghina is also the basic vine for many other valuable wines of the Campania region: the single varietal vine wines DOC Guardiolo, Sant’Agata dei Goti (also as passito), Sannio, Solopaca and Taburno, and the DOC white wines. Falanghina vine: the Campania's treasure | Convivium Magazine
02202019 Tucked inside a lush 3-hectare organic garden on the island of Ischia, aka the green island, Garden & Villas Resort uses vegetables sourced exclusively from its onsite organic garden to create traditional dishes innate to the region on its menus. The garden is characterised by traditional dry-stone walls, aromatic plants, olive trees, carob trees, strawberry trees and a variety of fruit trees. The Italian Hotel Championing Zero-Food Miles | Travel Weekly
02212019 How the two Neapolitan fellows behind the jewelry-design firm and luxe boutiques charmed their way onto the American scene — and into the hearts of collectors worldwide. The Golden Touch of Faraone Mennella | 1stdibs
02222019 February 21st. An explosion of gunpowder and color smoke in Pompeii’s Amphitheatre will reignite the tragic and vital dynamics of the eruption of Mt. Vesuviusin a timeless, poetic journey that tells the story of the destruction and rebirth of Pompeii. In the Volcano: Cai Guo-Qiang and Pompeii | Pompeii - Parco Archeologico
02232019 Upon checking in to the Punta Tragara, we were welcomed with a bottle of Italian prosecco and a caprese (not to be confused with the salad) in our room. How to Spend 3 days in Capri, Italy on the Amalfi Coast | Couple in the Kitchen
02242019  The art scene in Naples is lively and vivid, both for historical and contextual reasons. CollezioneTaurisano is part of this history and we are proud of the Parthenopean city. We have a constant dialogue with artists, gallerists, institutions and other collections. From Naples to Utopia: Why Togetherness Is Not Only a Theory | Larry's List
02252019 Maybe it represents the determination of Neapolitans to refuse the pressures of modern commercialism in favor of adhering to tradition, to a cultural inheritance made in equal parts of pride, joy, cynicism, fatalism, humor, negligence and nonchalance. Culture capital: Naples, the big city of Italy’s south, is the country’s creative center |  The Post and Courier
02262019  Despite the vast cultural riches—historic churches, castles, palaces and museums filled with masterworks by a centuries-spanning roster of famous artists—Naples hasn’t been a priority for many travelers, although interest in the city has spiked in the last several years thanks to Elena Ferrante’s popular novels. 3 Fabulous, Unexpected Getaways In Italy for 2019 | Forbes
02272019 The cast was excellent. For Amelia, Verdi wrote some of the most poignant melodies he ever handed to a soprano, and Carmen Giannattasio, making her role debut, exploited all of the possibilities.She was noteworthy for her stage presence and remarkable vocal power, giving her character a sound and lovely voice. The Swedish King is back in Naples for Un ballo in maschera | Bachtrack
02282019 In 2013, Napoli had their best season since 1990’s Scudetto triumph, playing some spectacular attacking football with the likes of Edinson Cavani, Marek Hamsik, and a young Neapolitan named Lorenzo Insigne. In 2015-16, Napoli pushed Juventus all the way to the title, ultimately stumbling at the later stages, but the city’s love affair with the club continued. Napoli: The siren and her city | Forza Italian Football

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01012019 My holidays on a green island – 19 miles from the city of Naples – as water is the element of my zodiacal sign and fire the ascendant.  All the benefits of the thermal waters on Ischia have high mineral salt content and are very hot. South of Italy; Naples My City – That´s real amore! | King Goya Travel Magazine
01022019 Cartaromana for the elegance and have dinner in a restaurant near the sea, the best one for me is “Eden Garden” – Via Nuova Cartaromana, 62 – in front of the suggestive Aragonese’s Catle. Best place after dinner is Sorgeto, here you find a natural pool with sea-water thermal, and in the night you can swim under the stars. Carla about Ischia; My perfect island for holiday | King Goya Travel Magazine
01032019 The history of Maison Cilento is rooted in the 18th century, and started with textile industry tradesmen and entrepreneurs from the area around Salerno; it developed in the early 1900s in the Campanian capital, with the inauguration of the boutique and tailor’s located in Palazzo d’Aquino di Caramanico. Maison Cilento in Naples: tailoring and tradition | Italian Ways 01042019 What you really want is calm – and that’s exactly what we experienced at Napoli’s Hotel Micalo. The bedding too is a soft and warm bespoke design chosen by Michelle, the breakfast set is again another local design which you’ll find yourself not wanting to put down, not forgetting the soft olive oil-based soaps that too have been made with the Naples area. Private, Small, Personal – Our Love for Hotel Micalo, Naples | Slow Vegan Travel
01052019 In the heart of Campania region you will find some of the best Italian wineries, one of which is Mastroberardino. Enjoy the full experience of the tasting, tour and lunch (4 course meal with wine pairing) at their gourmet restaurant Morabianca. The restaurant is set in captivating surroundings where you can rediscover the beauty of nature and savoir traditional foods and genuine local cuisine. Wine Tours | Swirl the Glass
01062019 For a long time mistaken for the most well known Coda di Volpe, the vine Caprettone came to prominence in 2014 with the inclusion of the variety in the national register of vine varieties (Mipaaf), capturing the attention of many sommeliers and connoisseurs, who are effectively contributing to the positioning of wine in major international markets. Caprettone, Lo "Scugnizzo Doc" Vesuvius |
01072019 In Naples we took the time to see some crafts outside of menswear - in this case, jewellery. Barbarulo in its modern incarnation is closely associated with menswear. It is best known for cufflinks, and its Italian site is actually called - the Italian for cufflinks. Barbarulo 1894 – Neapolitan handmade jewellery | Permanent Style
01082019 We offer Italian-themed photo booths and props, limoncello carts, pre or post-wedding vineyard tours, pizza making parties, sunset cruises and beach BBQs in the Bay of Marina del Cantone along the Amalfi Coast. The latter includes entrance to the beach club and transportation to and from Sorrento. That's amore: Citalia on its new Sorrento wedding product | Travel Trade Gazette
01092019 For the new collection Alessandro Michele and his Gucci design team were once again inspired by Italian and international cultural heritage. The famed Italian fashion brand has teamed up for the new shoot with the archaeological parks of Herculaneum and Pompeii for a shoot by photographer Harmony Korine. Lookbooks: Gucci Pre Fall 2019 collection | Design Scene
01102019 A few weeks ago I was in Sorrento in the spectacular Hotel Parco dei Principi to be exact. Of the many dishes I tried and admired, this Neapolitan classic - Candele Pasta alla Genovese - stood out.  I had a chance to hang out in the kitchen as the chef and brigade were plating up. Fantastic First, Chef Vincenzo Piacente, Gio Ponti Restaurant, Sorrento (Na) | andiamotrips
01112019 Lucia Pica, looked to her home city of Naples and the ever-changing landscape and history. It provided the mood for colours and techniques that offer a warm and rich approach to sunkissed beauty. The name Neapolis – or ‘New City’ – reflects Naples’ origins as an ancient Greek colony clashing with contemporary lifestyle that Pica reflects in her choice of greens, yellows, golds, reds and blacks. First Look: Chanel Neapolis Makeup Range | Adam&Eve (a&e) Magazine
01122019 Hosting more than three thousand different species of plants. You won’t believe how green and luxuriant the flowers and fruits can be in cold times. Between January and February you can see camellias blossom and soon after the oriental magnolias will turn the Gardens into a real fairy-tale location. Why you should visit La Mortella Gardens in winter | Platypus Tour  - Experiential tourism
01132019 If there in winter (we visited in early December — highly recommended!) I would not miss the local broccoi, called friarelli. Unlike any broccoli, broccolini, or broccoli rape I ever tried, this delicous green was sauteed with olive oil and garlic. I could have eaten a whole bowl. 12 Must Try Foods in Naples –  Eat Like a Local in Naples | Spanish Sabores
01142019 In Campania, they use a local squash called cocozza, which looks rather like a butternut squash with variegated green skin. Rather than cooking the pasta separately, water is added to the sautéed squash to make a kind of broth in which the pasta cooks and absorbs the flavor and color of the vegetable. Pasta con la zucca alla napoletana (Pasta with Winter Squash, Naples-Style) | Memorie di Angelina
01152019 FAI, in collaboration with the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina, is promoting a training course targeting mainly foreign citizens on Neapolitan history and artistic and historical heritage. Starting from the works of the Museo Madre collection, the course aims to train new artistic-cultural mediators. Migrants to be guides at Naples' Museo Madre | ANSAmed
01162019 There is a mild climate here all year round, lush and wild nature, crystal clear sea, dream beaches, and picturesque centers; in essence, Ischia is a microcosm of environments that are anything but homogeneous, but of equal beauty. And if all this is added to the thermal waters, the true natural heritage of the island. Ischia island of well-being | Alitalia
01172019 Naples for a holiday, even in winter – actually, especially in winter – is amazing. I have a friend and client, an Arab prince, who recently came for the first time in 10 years in wintertime and found it truly splendid; he said he couldn’t wait to come back and tour all of the museums. A long weekend in Naples with Mariano Rubinacci | | How To Spend It
01182019 Nestled on the hilltop overlooking the southern Italian city of Naples, the Castel Sant’Elmo is a popular must-see destination for tourists. The handrail, affixed to the wall fence of the castle at one of its viewpoints, features a poetic description of the view in Braille. “It’s genius. It’s so simple, yet so beautiful because it allows people who are not able to see the view to experience it”. Braille Fence at Naples Castle Offers Stunning 'View' | OZY
01192019 San Marzanos are plum tomatoes named for the town of San Marzano, near Naples. They’re prized by pizzaioli and sauce aficionados for their unique balance of flavor and the fact that they contain fewer seeds than most tomatoes. The designation guarantees that tomatoes labeled San Marzanos were grown in the San Marzano region, under specific rules of production, including that they be hand-picked. Where an Entire Day's Worth of Food Came From | Grub Street
01202019 Shadowed by colossal Mount Vesuvius, Naples' close proximity to Pompeii's ruins and Capri's glassy beaches make it a convenient italian tourism hub. City Highlight: Naples | World Travel Guide
01212019 Lying quietly between the Neapolitan mainland and the tourist haven of Ischia, the unspoilt island of Procida is the Bay of Naples’ best-kept secret… Viewpoint: Procida | Italia! 01222019 It is more of a woodland garden with an exceptional collection of trees, including some immense cedars of Lebanon and some Australian trees in the Araucariaceae family. Into Naples for pizza and to see more great gardens | Steve Whysall
01232019 A visit to Irpinia means travelling through the province of Avellino that is home to Italy’s finest features: monuments, churches, traditional food and wine, and natural parks. Irpinia region is just at thirty-minute drive from Naples Capodichino airport and has a wide range of accommodation facilities, delicious local delicacies and Campanian excellence in the production of three DOCG wines (Taurasi, Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino). Surroundings | Irpinia Land | University of Salerno
01242019 Take a narrow alley that winds upwards and soon you breathe again. The best direction is east, towards Monte Tiberio, the 300-metre-high headland on which Emperor Tiberius spent his last days in an opulent villa. Capri, a magnet for sirens of both myth and the silver screen | Post Magazine
01252019 As a Venus ruled sign, Taurus loves to indulge in sensual pleasures like good food and drink. Additionally, Taurus is an Earth sign and is connected to nature - so they'll really enjoy the scenic views between the port city of Salerno and clifftop Sorrento as they wind past grand villas, terraced vineyards and cliffside lemon groves. Taureans belong in the Amalfi Coast: Astrologer reveals where you should travel to in 2019 according to your star sign | Daily Mail
01262019 Welcome to the stage, the Neapolitan Riviera. This part of south west Italy is a beautiful patchwork of sheer cliffs, charming fishing villages, fruit groves and verdant gardens. The Hotel Santa Caterina, on the Amalfi coast, has been run by the same family since its opening in 1904. A restful retreat awash with terraces, gardens and citrus groves. Seven of the best European resorts for total relaxation | The Telegraph
01272019 The Hotel San Francesco al Monte was built at the end of the 16th century as the Santa Lucia al Monte Monastery to house hundreds of monks. Twelve years ago, Mario Pagliari transformed the left wing of the vast building into a four-star residenza d’epoca by combining the original monk’s cells into just 45 rooms, all with a panoramic view of the Bay of Naples. Luxury Italy: Naples, the NOLA of Europe | Luxury Travel Advisor
01282019 Salernitan viticulture amongst climate change and protection of the landscape and also biodiversity. Conversation to talk about and also share ideas and also actions for the development of the territory as well as its denominations of origin. The Wine Of The Diver Between Archeology And The Mediterranean Diet | WineToday
01292019 Cumpa Cosimo - Probably one of the most well known and beloved people in Ravello is Neta, the owner and cook of this family run restaurant. Wooden tables and chairs, wine served in jugs and the best homemade food served by an Italian mother eager to spoil you. Hearty pasta dishes are hard to beat, and the Veal with Lemon is scrumptious. 7 Amalfi Coast Restaurants Foodies will Love | The Travel Cocktail
01302019 The brand “Finestre di Luce”, up with with the coolest trends,  an idea of Carolina, Grazia’s daughter, a fresh look, like the one of Carolina, but already recognizable and precise. With its characteristic Moorish windows, Grazia and Marica Vozza, it’s much more than a store . It is an atelier. Jewelry Design made in Capri | lespritdefinesse
01312019 Fits just as well in a sunny Island garden as well as in the cobblestone streets of your favorite Italian village. It’s a passeggiata eyecatcher! By the way, we customize these straw bags so you can have in also in black or with another quote. Perfect welcome bags for Italian weddings! Straw bag Dolce Vita! Custom for Italian strolls | Italian Summers!