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03012019 Abbazia di Crapolla is situated above the town of Vico Equense. ‘The first mentions of wines here are from 1520 when the monastery produced it,’ says Fulvio Alifano, who has tastefully restored the former Benedictine abbey’s grange for visitors, and makes wines from a late-ripening variety called Uva di Sabato, as well as newly planted Pinot Nero. Decanter travel guide: Coastal Campania | Decanter
03022019 We invite you to sail the ancient Mediterranean trade routes with us. Lemon groves flourish above each village. Surrounded by the sea, we focus on fish and folklore. Amalfi: Sailing and Savoring the Gulf of Naples | Peggy Markel's Culinary Adventures
03032019 For a watery view of Ischia, hop from one coastal village to another via a private boat tour. A few suggestions: Maronti, a thermal beach with sand so hot that locals bury pots in it to cook stews, and nearby Sant’Angelo, a car-free fishing hamlet that’s home to mom-and-pop restaurants with umbrella-shaded tables on a seaside piazza. Ischia: Italy's Island Starlet | Virtuoso
03042019 Every day we went down to Regina Isabella's wonderful spa, where we floated in the naturally heated thermal pool. Afterward we either took the sauna or the steam before heading to the hotel's seashore and outdoor pool, where we sat, read, sunbathed and had our afternoon cappuccino. Seldom-Visited Ischia Is an Island Surprise | Creators
03052019 The founders of stylish brand Chez Dédé share their favorite images and drawings of Italy in a seductive new book. The tome loosely follows a trail from north to south, capturing sights and moments that have inspired Reina and Ferolla. See Italy's Chic Wonders Through a One-of-a-Kind Lens | Architectural Digest
03062019 One of my favourite places to eat is Da Cicciotto in the cliff-top area of Marechiaro. It has the most excellent fresh fish and I always order a big plate of spaghetti alle vongole with a glass of Greco di Tufo wine. Naples guide by Lucia Pica | CN Traveller
03072019 Surrounded by the dazzling azure blue sea and rugged cliffs, the beautiful Hotel Delfino sits on the cliff side overlooking the island of Capri and the Gulf of Naples. Its picturesque views can be admired from the roof top terrace where guests can sip a cocktail or two. Naples: An Italian Masterpiece | & Jet2holidays
03082019 An uncompromised authenticity that’s perhaps derived from the island’s 20-mile proximity to rough and tumble Naples.  I also recalled that Cleopatra was filmed here in the early 1960’s when Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton embarked on their storied romance, and mused this wouldn’t be a bad place to begin an affair. Ischia, Jet Set Without the Crowds - Travel Squire
03092019 “There are a few areas known for trendy bars: Via Chiaia and Via dei Mille and Via Aniello Falcone – Neapolitans call this last area baretti, due to its run of little bars, one after the other. My favorite place for a drink is Fonoteca in Vomero.” Naples: Where to go and what to do in the city offering a true taste of Italy | The i Paper
03102019 Neapolitan ragu is considered a “piatto unico,” something beyond merely a dressing for pasta. It was served on Sunday, because then we had time to sit at the table and enjoy the meal: first the pasta with sauce; and then, in the same dish, the meat that was cooked in the sauce. And, of course, bread to wipe the plate clean. On this the Italians all agree: True ragu needs time. | The Washington Post
03112019 Travelers are likewise pampered by massages and mud wraps courtesy of the island's geothermal characteristic, which helps fill the 22 thermo-mineral pools of the beachfront spa Giardini di Poseidon Terme. After your treatment of choice, peel off the sandals for a walk on the beach, a visit to the 15th-century Castello Aragonese, or a glass of biancolella (white) or per 'e palummo (red) wine from local vineyards. 10 islands to see before you die | CNN Travel
03122019 The latest doll to feature an Italian woman is the one dedicated to the Rosanna Marziale of restaurant Le Colonne in Caserta, with the following motivation: “She is part of the generation of chef women who are revolutionizing haute cuisine.” Marziale commented that she is “proud to be of inspiration for the girls who will choose this career. Three Barbie dolls dedicated to successful Italian women | All About Italy
03132019 One hidden gem was a restaurant where we had dinner one night in Nerano. When we got there, the chef greeted us and took us down into his wine cellar for a tasting before dinner. Then he took us to a terrace upstairs and starting bringing out all sorts of delicious Italian dishes. Wander or Bust: Amalfi Coast, Italy | Elite Daily
03142019 This time, instead of just having the paperback, I had as my personal tour guide the guy who wrote it: Cristian Bonetto.  The living, breathing, walking, talking Lonely Planet Naples Guide, if you will! The Real Lonely Planet Guide To Naples | Passport & Pixels
03152019 One of the best-known wineries here is Cantine Marisa Cuomo in Furore, where you can book a tour and sample some of the label’s offerings; the company categorizes the Fiorduva white made from three grape varieties as an “extreme” wine because of the difficult-to-cultivate terrain. 5 Places To Go In Italy This Summer If You Love Wine And The Beach | Forbes
03162019 "Arturo’s Island” is about a semi-orphaned boy’s coming-of-age on the island of Procida in the Bay of Naples in the years just before World War II. The island in this novel feels stolen from myth. An enormous prison looms over the island, as if it were Alcatraz. Arturo’s own house is a crumbling, spider-webbed 20-room palazzo. The boy roams the island with his dog, and the sea in his small boat. An Operatic Italian Classic Gets a Fresh Translation | The New York Times
03172019 Built as thermal resort in 1863 by the Manzi brothers, entrepreneurs from Ischia (among other things inventors of the Sambuca liqueur), related to the extraordinary properties of the Gurgitiello spring, in 1960 the Terme Manzi Hotel is acquired by publisher Angelo Rizzoli, who contributes to make known Ischia to the international jet set. History | Terme Manzi Hotel & SPA
03182019 The island of Ischia off the coast of Naples boasts 103 thermal wellness springs and belongs to a special class of bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium “hyper-thermal” waters, gushing at a temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Renowned since antiquity for their healing and regenerating properties, the springs earned the moniker Multi-Active Waters.” 8 Travel Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss | Architectural Digest
03192019 Radici means ‘roots’ in Italian, which signifies Mastroberardino’s devotion to safeguarding the indigenous varieties of ancient Irpinia. The grape Fiano was known in antiquity as “apiana” as it was noticed that bees had a particular affinity for this vine. A rare vine traditionally found near hazelnut orchards, Fiano d'Avellino appears to have adopted some of these notes into its flavor profile. Radici Fiano di Avellino DOCG 2017 | Winebow
03202019 The vines are on original rootstocks, and the enormous plants stand up to eight feet tall. “Yields are too low to harvest, but we gather the buds to produce new vines,” says renowned agronomist Pierpaolo Sirch, who is the agronomic and cellar operations supervisor for Feudi di San Gregorio. The next generation of plants is extremely young, but it represents the future of Fiano. Old Vines That Still Make Great Wine | Wine Enthusiast
03212019 Wine, you know, is made in the vineyard; we know it, but Nicola, Vera and Antonio Mazzella know a little more. Their life becomes more complicated when vineyards bend to the art of extreme funambulism and work becomes more difficult. Heavenly skies and vigorous vineyards clinging to steep terraces on the sea are the image of what is called heroic viticulture. The heroes of wine in Ischia |
03222019 Lucy Laucht umbrellas: Praiano, Salerno, Italy. Traveler, beware. It’s possible that visiting these places may change you for good. The reverence and reflection brought on at some of the world’s most ecstatic places may reveal changes you want to make in the direction of your life.  My Tiny Atlas: The World Through Travel Photographers' Eyes | Newsweek
03232019 The view from the kayak were amazing. What a great experience, floating on the aquamarine waters of the Mediterranean Sea with views of one of Italy's prettiest coastal town. Positano, Our Favorite Town on the Amalfi Coast | Earth Trekkers
03242019 The Circumvesuviana is a single-track, narrow-gauge line. In the course of about 90 minutes it arcs around the Bay of Naples, providing views out to Capri and across the Tyrrhenian Sea before depositing you in Sorrento - with its fine hotels, great restaurants and gelateria in abundance. Travel question of the day: Simon Calder on travelling to Sorrento without flying or going to the mountains | The Independent
03252019 Pococello can be summed up quickly: “Grown in Almalfi. Distilled in England. Born in Soho.” Pococello’s lemons are sourced from seventh-generation lemon growers from the Aceto family farm in Amalfi Town, and then blended with a fine British potato spirit in England. 7 Artisanal Limoncellos To Sip This Summer | Forbes
03262019 This is a very special walk in the hills near Mondragone on the Domitian coast. There are spectacular 360 degree views that give you a new perspective on the landscape of Campania, an atmospheric monastery and a beautiful secret garden. Mondragone – Secret Garden | Hiking Campania
03272019 There are three white grapes and one red from Campania that are gaining a foothold in the United States. Exploring the Italian Wine Renaissance in the Campania Region | Examiner Media
03282019 The Taurasi appellation requires that wines be aged a minimum of three years before release, with at least one year in barrels. Taurasi Riservas require an additional year of aging, with a minimum of 18 months in barrels. Aglianico in Its Own Right | The New York Times
03292019 Pompeii attracts more than 3.5 million visitors a year, and recent archaeological findings at the site are expected to increase visitor numbers in 2019. Italy is the most-searched holiday destination in the world | Il Globo
03302019 A well-preserved frescoed thermopolia counter is among the latest discoveries unearthed by archaeologists in Pompeii. Typical menus included coarse bread with salty fish, baked cheese, lentils and spicy wine. Pompeii ‘fast food’ bar unearthed in ancient city after 2,000 years | The Guardian
03312019 This scenic trattoria is named after the famous Neapolitan comics Antonio di Curtis, Eduardo di Filippo and the favorite local bean dish, pasta e fagioli. The antipasto is not your average appetizer—it is gut bustlingly abundant . With mussels, fried pizza, buffalo mozzarella, beans and eggplant Parmesan…..etc, it is really more of a meal than a starter. Top Ten Trattorias of Naples | Sauced & Found


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