Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MAY 2011


05012011 CIPA is the name of Naples legend Kiton's special project, shorthand for its creator and sartorial legend Ciro Paone. The DNA of the label, which he founded in the early 1960's and resurrected two years ago, is all about handmade, but its look is an edgier, more experimental take on Italian luxury than the patrician garments of its parent Kiton, which is favored by world leaders and Hollywood royalty. CIPA's Latest: An Italian Take on Scottish Tweed | Esquire
05022011 I love a list. Every time I went on holiday, starting from as soon as I could write, I'd make a packing list. This is how I learned that, in 1755, a man named George Lucy packed quite the wrong things for a holiday to Naples. Poor old George discovered that the Italians "dress much, and I have been obliged to daub myself all over with silver, accompanied with a sword and a bag wig". He had to write to his housekeeper to ask her to send out smarter clothes. In orderly fashion | New Statesman
05032011 After the stress of preparing for an autumn city wedding while looking after our two toddlers, we had little time to think about our honeymoon. It was only when we stepped out at Naples airport in our woolly jumpers and a wave of heat hit us, that we realised we hadn’t thought about it enough. And, we certainly hadn’t imagined that just a two hour forty-five minute flight away, we’d find summer sun. Steve And Loo's Italian Amalfi Coast Adventure | You & Your Wedding
05042011 The Giardini nel Sole are located in Panza in the hills of Ischia, tranquil and with wonderful sea views. The gardens are the labour of love of the owners, beautifully landscaped and planted with flower and shrub species from around the world, including local fruit trees, all amidst lush, pampered grass lawns. Each apartment is provided with outside tables and chairs so that guests may, if they choose, sunbathe, relax or dine outdoors, and at night admire the stunning Tyrrhenian sunsets from the illuminated gardens. IRIS, in Giardini nel Sole | Villarenters
05052011 The Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria is poised where it is said one of the villas of the Emperor Augustus once stood. Beautiful gardens and a five-acre orange grove surround the hotel. Its gates open into the main square in Sorrento. Refined guest accommodations evoke the atmosphere of a gracious private home, furnished with authentic period furniture. The elegantly furnished suites include the famous Pompei Suite, the world-known Enrico Caruso Suites, the luxurious Imperial Suite and the impressive Princess Margaret Suite. Europe Luxury Hotels & Resorts | Luxury Travel
05062011 Savory and sweet, this rustic Mediterranean nut-and-raisin sauce is a staple on the Italian island of Ischia, off the coast of Naples, where it is traditionally tossed with pasta during Lent. Foriana Sauce | Saveur
05072011 Naples' best-kept secret? Its beaches, according to Smith. "We were thrilled with the diversity of the beaches when we shot there last year," she says. While visiting this Italian city, let your taste buds be your guide. "Being the city that invented pizza, we shot a model in a swimsuit in a pizzeria." 10 great places to strike a swimsuit pose | USA Today
05082011 Italy is among the leading producers, exporters and consumers of mineral water in the world with over 250 brands of Italian mineral water on the international market. Ferrarelle, is one of the naturally fizzy Italian mineral waters that has a very devoted following, especially in the Naples area. Italian Mineral Water | life in italy
05092011 Ironically, the same destructive volcanic force is also credited with preserving many elements within the city that were uncovered centuries later, including more than 250 artifacts that will be on display at Discovery Place in A Day in Pompeii. It's easy to assume that our lives are more advanced than those of past civilizations, but Discovery Place President and CEO John Mackay says the exhibit might just prove that thought all wrong. History of the World? | Charlotte Magazine
05102011 QNEM & nanos on board! Four students from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium and the University Federico II, in Naples, Italy will investigate the thermal diffusivity and conductivity of nanofluids - suspensions in conventional liquids of particles ranging in size from a few nanometres to 200 nanometres. This could lead to significant improvements in heat transfer devices. Teams selected for 'Fly Your Thesis!' | Scientific American
05112011 Biogem is a non-profit Italian consortium in biology and molecular genetics. It is involved in research and education, while also providing services to biological industry. 'Today's agreement between Biogem and QSTP (Qatar scientific technology park) symbolises the transfer of Italian science to the world' said Ortensio Zecchino of Biogem. 'Qatar is a serious partner for research and education and we look forward to building Qatar's biotechnology sector together. Mission | biogem.it
05122011 Monty Don continues his grand garden tour of Italy. This time he is in Naples to visit some of the most sublime, romantic retreats in southern Italy. After all the formality of the green gardens around Rome and Florence, Monty seeks out idyllic horticultural gems set against the dramatic scenery of the Amalfi Coast to discover why, in the south, gardens are informal and, above all, filled with flowers. The South | BBC
05132011 The city of Naples is noted for its rich history, art, culture and gastronomy, full of historical and artistic treasures, but at the same time it is also known for being raucous, polluted, deafening and crumbling, yet still bustling with energy. The surrounding coast and islands are renowned for their beauty, hosting a wealth of sights including Pompeii, the Blue Grotto and the hot springs of Ischia. Naples & her Islands | The Crew Report
05142011 But whether you're strolling the streets of Rome or sunning yourself in Capri, you need to be more flexible than a Bikram instructor if you want to maintain your fitness and fend off the effects of mint-chip gelato. Which is why WH teamed up with Chris Skoglund, a travel fitness specialist in New York City, to put together exercises you can do anytime, anywhere. Exercise Anywhere | Women's Health
05152011 He's nicknamed "El pocho" (an affectionate nickname that is untranslatable into English) ever since - as a child in Argentina - he cultivated the dream of becoming a professional footballer. Endowed with fine feet and a fine instinct as a striker, he has realised his dream with the blue shirt of Napoli. There, the playmaker is the public's idol, which sees in him a little heir to the great Diego Armando Maradona, to the point that a local crooner has dedicated a song to him. Ezequiel Lavezzi | Vogue
05162011 An afternoon view from Le Sirenuse Hotel as the sun slips behind the hillside adn the shadows grow long on the beach. Terrazzo | Positano Daily Photo
05172011 Last year there wasn’t really a grand family vacation that saw us settled in one place. Instead there were lots of small trips all over Europe and the Med – long weekends in Beirut, 10 days along the coast from Positano, too little time in Sweden and none up in St Moritz. A place in the sun for grandmother | Financial Times
05182011 "It is official — I'm 30 and found a wrinkle," the singer and actress wrote Monday on her Twitter page. "Damnit!" Simpson celebrated her July 10 birthday in the arms of a new boyfriend, former NFL star Eric Johnson. The pair escaped to the Italian island of Capri, where they frequently locked lips in front of the cameras. Jessica Simpson: 'I'm 30 and Found a Wrinkle' | American Superstar
05192011 Naomi Campbell denies she was drunk when she fell over after a night out. The supermodel was clubbing on the Italian island of Capri when she was photographed being hauled up from the pavement in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Naomi has however insisted she was just playing a "trust game" with friends. I wasn't drunk, stumbling supermodel says | Stuff.co.nz
05202011 Cui spent a month researching and designing a recent trip for two clients to Italy and Spain. The pair spent part of their 13-day trip in a 600-year-old castle, made spaghetti with a local chef and stayed in a former 11th century palace on the Amalfi Coast. They swam in a luxurious open-air swimming pool surrounded by dramatic medieval ruins and gazed out at the stunning blue shades of the ocean. Doing business in fine style | China Daily
05212011 Variety reported that his new film, This Must Be the Place, will mark the English-language feature debut of Paolo Sorrentino (Naples, 1970). The plot of his latest work will centre around a middle-aged wealthy rock star, played by two time academy award winner Sean Penn, who becomes bored in his retirement and takes on the quest of finding his father’s executioner, an ex-Nazi war criminal who is a refugee in the U.S. This Must Be the Place | MUBI
05222011 Jacqueline De Laurentiis, the wife of Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis and also a club vice-president, invited all the players' wives and girlfriends to lunch to tell them how to behave. The women were told: "Great players are such when they feel that way, especially in their heads; make sure your partner always manages to feel that way. Napoli tell wives how to behave | Fox Sports
05232011 This one is striking, featuring a print Christian Siriano describes as his creation born from the inspiration he gained from the Amalfi coast. The skirt billows in waves as she walks, an effect that he thoughtfully created with crinoline. But this one is my favorite, and Siriano describes it as using the volcanic inspiration of Pompeii in its design. The structure, silhouette and print? Love love love! Siriano, PR’s Golden Child | Barefoot Glamour
05242011 I designed an invitation in the Roman style for a couple who got married in Rome & then had their reception back home in Canada. Remember that, if you really want to be authentic, all that white marble in Rome was painted very bright colors originally. You might rent some of the old movies that were set in Rome to give you some inspiration: "The Robe", "Last Days of Pompeii", & "Ben Hur"come to mind. Roman Theme Again | Wedding Ideas
05252011 Picture this. This reporter, naive in the ways of the world, and her older sister newly arrived in picturesque and chaotic Naples in the south of Italy. Awestruck to finally be in the land of one very warm and cuddly nonno, the bubble is soon burst by leering, oiled up, sometimes Travolta-styled, sometimes just old, men who refuse to give change until they've stuck their faces in ours and pronounced - so originally - "bellas".
Cyclone Tracy | The Advocate
05262011 The traveling tailors travel from Naples to measure and fit Rubinacci’s clients in London. Scoop-Rubinacci's new premises in London-first pictures | thelondonlounge
05272011 Everything about this handcrafted fragrance emotes Italian refinement, with a combination of countryside and cosmopolitan appeal. Botanical through and through, with an amber base, Fiori di Capri by Carthusia is a soft, cloudy combination of wild carnation, lily of the valley, oak, peach and ylang ylang. The blend is inspired by a Medieval recipe, and the result is a mysterious melange suitable for any grown-up. Playfully sophisticated solid perfume | NewBeauty
05282011 We use olive oil that is pressed in Sorrento from olives that grow on the surrounding hills overlooking the bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Honey and beeswax are sometimes used in our soaps and these come from beekeepers in Positano. The inspiration for all our soaps comes from the wonderful selection of plants, fruits and flowers that grow so abundantly throughout the Amalfi Coast. About our soaps... | Saponissimo
05292011 Photo of "Banca dell"acqua"... in Naples these water kiosks are beautifully decorated. They sell mineral water and other refreshments and as you can see people are very friendly... if they see you with a camera... they pose for you. Visions of Naples | Ciaobellacooking
05302011 A historical hotel built in 1870 and remodeled in 2002. The grande dame of Naples, so stylish and grown up, Grand Hotel Parker's has played host to the great and the good since 1870. Situated in the city's most fashionable shopping district, it has glorious views over the bay to Capri, one of the best restaurants in the city, a spa and a popular champagne bar. Grand Hotel Parker's | Luxury Lifestyle
05312011 This is Hotel Posa Posa in Positano. I guess the photos sort of speak for themselves. When we arrived and I saw the view from the hotel room for the first time, my jaw dropped. Stunning. Quite possibly the best view ever! That night we had a beautiful dinner there (at the hotel) of sauteed fresh fish with tomatoes and olives, a beautiful vino rosso and of course topped off with limoncello. (The beginning of my love affair with limoncello!) Hotel Posa Posa - Positano | Cobalt Violet