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MARCH 2017


03012017 You really can’t go wrong doing anything in this picture postcard town. In Positano we came across many different places such as an amazing lemon granita stand, handmade ceramic shops, custom made sandal shops, the best gelato, cute winding pathways, kayaks for rent, and so much more. A Teenager's Guide to Positano, Italy: 5 Best Things To Do | Foodie Goes Healthy
03022017 My favorite way to explore a new city is to get lost running the first morning I’m there. The soles were cushioned and delivered a smooth and natural ride while running through (dodging tourists!) this cute Italian city on the Amalfi Coast. Runnin' Around: Positano | the risky jackal
03032017 It is our contemporary tradition: we kept the tradition of Neapolitan tailoring but we are adding a lot of contemporary elements: new fabrics, colors, models, technology, and advertising. Also, Isaia is the brand known for its color. The Decadent Neapolitan Style Of Gianluca
03042017 It is a beautiful little town, and the beach is charming. When we went it was basically empty, presumably because all of the others tourists died of an overdose of steps. Positano: Land of a Thousand F*cking Stairs | The Everywhereist
03052017 Here you can see the glories of ancient Rome, which was preserved in ash by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius centuries ago. It is one of the world’s most absorbing archaeological experiences. A Sensory Italy – the Five Senses | Italian Special Occasions DMC
03062017 The tourist trail of the archeological heritage in Italy's southern Campania region now begins at Naples airport. The exhibition at Capodichino features original artefacts and copies of famous pieces on display in local museums. Archeological tour of Naples begins at airport | AnsaMED
03072017 The city is still filled with ancient graffiti, advertising (among other things) houses of prostitution, using a picture menu. Our guide kept explaining that Pompeii had been a trading port before it was destroyed, as if that alone should explain the local sex trade. Exploring Middle Earth | Sierra Vista Herald
03082017 It’s Italy, so we don’t really need to sell you on the pasta, the seafood, the pizza, or pretty much anything on an Amalfi menu. But when you sit down to eat that authentic Italian pasta, you're going to do so while soaking in some of the world's most spectacular backdrops; whether on a black sand beach at Ristorante Le Arcate in Atrani or at the helm of a galleon that's been carved into a mountainside (at Il Pirata in Praiano). Europe's Most Picturesque Coast (That's Actually Affordable) | Thrillist
03092017 If you’re headed to Amalfi’s main square, track down Cuoppo d’Amalfi to try the local street food. I found it after seeing several Italians walking around with fried seafood cones in hand. After navigating a maze of tiny streets, you’ll find this small eatery on Supportico dei Ferrari. Ignore its dingy appearance - sampling their fresh seafood is a must. A Guide to the Amalfi Coast’s Best Eateries | The Huffington Post
03102017 Many of the dishes on our menu are inspired by Jamie’s visits to Italy and the stories of Gennaro's upbringing on the Amalfi coast. Gennaro’s stories have added substance to what is now the essence of Jamie’s Italian – tradition combined with current, innovative ideas and a Jamie twist! Our Story | Jamie's Italian UK
03112017 Like many towns in southern Italy, Naples is rich with historically significant landmarks. An extraordinary, and lesser known, example of Roman architecture is the archeological and natural reserve of the Pausilypon. As such, the property was enlarged and modified over the years. One of the most interesting aspects of the site is the 770 meter long tunnel that was dug out into the hillside of Posillipo. Pausilypon: Sunset Concert Series in Naples | The Italian Concierge
03122017 The village is known to be a cheerful place, the name Corricella actually comes from the Greek “kora Cale” which means nice neighborhood. The colorful houses of the island offer a breathtaking view, especially when the sun is fully shining on them. The fact that they enjoy so much sunshine makes it possible to have some of the islands delicious cuisine while sitting outside even in the cold months of winter. Procida island in Naples Italy is absolutely breathtaking | Travelwith2ofus
03132017 Carving out a moment of evasion means finding refuge where the masses don’t arrive, and one doesn’t always have to pass endless hours in flight to reach isolated islands and atolls. Li Galli demonstrate this well, thanks to the unique combination of luxury and privacy, the watchwords for the new mega-rich. Li Galli: the Magical Suggestions of a Natural Paradise | All About Italy
03142017 Lemons are an indispensable part of life on the Amalfi Coast, where the fruits grow in abundance in beautiful terraced groves. The lemons in this region are world famous for their low acidic levels, sweetness and delicate flavour. Refreshing Lemon Based Recipes from the Amalfi coast! | Panoram Italia Magazine
03152017 Nestled between the sea and the Lattari Mountains, with altitude that varies from zero to 1200 feet, Praiano offers an ideal terrain for cultivating olive trees, citrus groves, vineyards, citrus vegetable gardens. Our tomatoes, traditionally brought to maturity with an almost total absence of water, can be as sweet as candy. Tomatoes as Sweet as Candy | Amalfi Coasting
03162017 A luxurious seaside oasis bathed in fresh white paint, the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa draws a following from local and international celebrities alike for its signature Capri Beauty Farm. 8 Amazing Wellness Retreats to Recharge for the New Year | Hong Kong Tatler
03172017 What meal or food is unique to the Amalfi coast? Here, each village cooks their own traditional dish. In Minori, they make aubergines with chocolate. It sounds odd but it’s great. Gennaro Contaldo on growing up in Minori on the Amalfi Coast: "The sea was my swimming pool" | Radio Times
03182017 What is the one local food you feel travellers can’t leave the Amalfi Coast without trying? You must try the local seafood dishes and the best buffalo mozzarella and san marzano tomatoes. Amalfi Coast Travel Tips from Gennaro Contaldo, the Grandfather of Italian Cooking | Suk Yi
03192017 In AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed the cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabia and Oplontis. For archaeologists, these rare catastrophic burials are an incredible time capsule that transport you back to a very precise moment in time. It’s the closest thing there is to time travel… Vesuvius and the destruction of Pompeii | An Archaeologist's Diary
03202017 Instead of creating digital dystopian landscapes where you can imagine shooting bad guys, Clarke and company used 3-D technology to show what you would have seen walking through highly decorated atriums and beside swimming pools in the villas of Oplontis, a seaside resort town near the famous Pompeii. High-tech preserves 2,000-year-old Roman villas of Oplontis | Bozeman Daily Chronicle
03212017 Eat a delicious sfogliatella (typical Neapolitan cake made of a shortcrust or layered “shell” filled with ricotta, sugar, semolina and candied citrus) fresh out of the oven. 29 Things You Must Do In Naples | ItalyMagazine
03222017 This time around we decided to make the trip purely about exploring the historic center of Naples. Just a 5 minutes walk, we chose B&B Neapolis Bellini as it was situated in the center, making it easy for us to visit the main sights on foot. Weekend Getaway in Naples, Italy | BrowsingItaly
03232017 The oldest form of the dish is the pizza marinara; with toppings of oregano, garlic and extra virgin oil. It is named marinara as it was the traditional food prepared by "la marinara" (the seaman's wife) for their husbands after a long day of fishing in the Bay of Naples. Outbound Adventures: For proper pizza, go to Napoli | Ahram Online
03242017 Monte di Procida, an exclusive seaside village, on a bolstering hilltop, with 360 degree views of the Bay of Naples and Surrounding Islands. It is a dream destination and this Italian-American couple who met there years ago knew exactly where they wanted to celebrate their nuptials, in the same “Piazza,” towns-square where it all began. A Formal Destination Wedding in Naples, Italy |  jet fete
03252017 The Amalfi Lemon Experience is a must stop on your visit to the Amalfi Coast. And I will tell you why: from April to October, visitors can expect to get the ultimate VIP treatment as Salvatore personally guides you through the historic organic lemon orchards. Travel: A Look Inside the Amalfi Coast’s Best Kept Family Lemon Grove | Press Pass L.A.
03262017 The discovery of a monumental building and priceless ceramics imported from Greece in excavations at Poseidonia shows for the first time how rich its Greek founders were when establishing the city in Italy in the 6th century B.C.E. The quantity of Attic red-figure pottery and other luxuries attest to fabulous wealth the city’s Greek inhabitants made, apparently from pilgrims coming to worship at its temples. Archaeologists Uncover Stunning Town Built by Greeks in Italy 2,500 Years Ago | Haaretz
03272017 Constantinopoli 104 has a pool just big enough for two, and pastel rooms with wrought-iron beds. Where to spend a seductive weekend in Naples | The Times
03282017 In Naples, the neighborhood is everything. The city is made up of villages – villages within villages. The city breaks down into concentric circles that decrease in size until you are left with little hamlets, each with their own grocer, fruit seller, fishmonger, butcher and baker. Naples: State of the Stomach | Culinary Backstreets
03292017 House of the Bear is a private residents that stands on the Via Augustali. This colorful Pompeii residence gets its name from a mosaic of a wounded bear. It was one of the first decorations discovered in the House of the Bear, yet it was not the last. The resident has some of the most splendid mosaics that adore walls and floors. House of the Bear | Ermak Travel Guide
03302017 A fortress on Monte Aureo that overlooks the town of Amalfi and Atrani. Not far from the Tower of Ziro is the Grotto of the Saints. It is a small natural cave that opens onto a terrace with lemon trees. Atrani Travel Guide | Tour Italy Now
03312017 The Koh-I-Noor of the Mediterranean is located between Capri and Positano and is accessible by only boat and helicopter. This magnificent private island of the Amalfi Coast, formally owned by the legendary Russian ballet star Rudolf Nureyev, was purchased, restored and developed over the last 15 years by its current owner. The Koh-I-Noor of the Mediterranean | World Real Estate Immobiliare