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09012017 The town of Avellino is not overflowing with tourist sites, but it is a good start for a tour of the Irpinia area, and also offers several opportunities for good evening meals. When I arrived in Avellino, my friend took me around the town and we had a coffee and delicious Sfogliatella Frolla pastry in the cafe Dulcis in Furno. In the evening we ate at Da Ciccio all’Agora, where you can try amazing pizzas and croquettes, and then we had a lovely glass of local Fiano di Avellino wine in the trendy Dejavu Winery. A day out in the province of Avellino | Italian Gems
09022017 A forest of blue and yellow majolica columns and benches adorns Santa Chiara Cloister. Enjoy the fine art and fabulous fare of Naples! Neapolitan treats | The Australian
09032017 I asked Eugenio Gargiulo, an owner of a small family-run lemon grove in Sorrento called La Masseria, to explain why he didn’t use pesticides in his crops. Eugenio uses a solution made of copper and lime, which is sprayed by hand on all of the products at his farm. Eating like an Italian: Making moments out of mealtime | HuffPost
09042017 A Day trip to Capri is a must. Prepare to walk up hill to the town, but the effort and journey are worth it. You “can see forever”, from this tiny island. It is so quaint and laid back, you just cannot help but to drop your pace into the local rhythm. The only way on and off is the wonderful Hydrofoils that transport you from Sorrento or Naples. So You Think To Know Italy Part 4 | The Weekly Post
09052107 With some stroke of serendipity, these two boys and I found ourselves on the same boat, out of all of the hundreds of boats, heading for the same place. Straight away the guys ask me what are we going to see and do in Capri. I get out my Frommer’s and tell them there’s a Blue Grotto we have to see, plus somewhere there’s a chairlift ride that takes you to the top of Monte Solaro. Do Talk To Strangers: On a Hydrofoil to Capri | Expat of the World
09062107 Naples in Southern Italy is famously located near Mount Vesuvius. The city's also the home of centuries of important art and architecture. October getaways: flights for under £100 - Naples, Copenhagen, Mallorca and more
09072017 Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary, right, kisses Armando Brunini, CEO of Gesac, Naples' airport managing company, as they hold up a poster publicizing nine new routes for Ryanair, at Capodichino airport, Italy. Ryanair to bid for parts of ailing Alitalia by Oct 2 |
09082017 Emilia's video begins with her walking the streets of Naples. Someone gives her a bouquet of flowers, there's dancing, she eats a huge bowl of pasta. It feels a little bit like an idealized dream vacation. But, nope! Filmmaker Matteo Garrone shot the videos with city locals, so this is real-deal, genuine cultural warmth. Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington Frolic in the Streets of Italy for Dolce & Gabbana's New Campaign | Glamour
09092017 In Campania, this simplest of tomato sauces is called lo scarpariello, which means, "of the shoemaker" in Neapolitan dialect. The idea is that this is something you can make fast as though you are a busy shoemaker on his lunch break. Veloce, veloce (fast, fast) or scuie scuie as they say in dialect. It's just a can of tomatoes and a little grated cheese. Scarpariello, The Shoemaker's Sauce | Feast on History
09102017 "I worked my first full harvest in Cilento in 2007, and I've been back every year since. I've been waiting for the right opportunity to make wine here, and to bring together resources within the restaurant industry." Four London Restaurateurs Have Entered the Wine Trade | Eater London
09112017 The centrality of the location will reveal to the guests traditions, cultural and congress events, and Naples' historical and artistic treasures. The hotel in the beginning of Spaccanapoli and Decumani, has an inscription that the family of Edgar  Degas (1834-1917) lived here. A dive into the art of Naples | All About Italy
09122017 When we finally crossed over into the historic center, the buildings still showed their wear, but it was dirty in the romantic sort of way an ancient city is. We passed ornate baroque churches and busy pizzerias, and all of the pastry cases filled with baba, graffa and sfogliatelle facing the street were enough to cheer any sugar-loving person up. This is the Naples we had come for, and we weren’t disappointed. Why You Can’t Visit Italy and Skip Over Naples | No Man Before
09132017 Go to discover the Sunken City of Baia — a former hedonism haunt for Rome’s rich and famous, including Nero, Cicero and Caesar, lasting until the eighth century A.D. Now the remains lie within the Underwater Archaeological Park of Baia in the Bay of Naples. Divers guide themselves to the highlights, including the nymphaeum and a collection of statues. The World's Best Scuba Diving Sites with Man-Made Structures | Sport Diver magazine
09142017 The Cilento Peninsula is a fairy-tale series of quiet coves and thrilling grottos, where you can swim in the phosphorescent glow and practice your skills at making echoes. Points of unusual interest include the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto), Grotta d'Argento (Silver Grotto), Cala della Lanterna (Lantern Cove), and Grotta del Sangue (Blood Grotto), so-named for the streaks of red minerals on its walls. Great Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Italy | In Italy Online
09152017 Guided tours among ancient wine cellars and lush vineyards for the tenth edition of the event organized by Pro Loco Panza. A thin red line will reveal Ischia’s ancestral bond with wine. Tastings (including the “piennolo” tomato, fig jam, olive oil, digestive liquors with wild herb extracts), themed dinners and evening routs will enrich the daily gastronomic tours. Going About Wine Cellars: Ischia Tells Us About Its Relationship With Wine | Where Naples Coast&Islands
09162017 The golden bracelet, one of the Pompeii exhibit's highlights, was found on the wrist of a woman fleeing the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The piece of jewelry, which weighs 610 grams, is characterized by two snakes' heads holding in their mouths a disk with the bust of Selene, the goddess of the moon. The goddess is wearing a half moon-shaped tiara surrounded by seven stars, her arms raised to hold a veil.  House of the Golden Bracelet treasures on show in Pompeii | ANSAmed
09172017 A burnt Roman boat, possibly part of the rescue fleet, found on the coast near Herculaneum, one the towns destroyed in the Vesuvius eruption. Pompeii Hero Pliny the Elder May Have Been Found 2,000 Years Later |
09182017 Researchers say a skull in an Italian museum may have belonged to historian and naval commander Pliny the Elder, who died during the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79 after leading evacuation efforts. Is this the skull of Pliny the Elder? Researchers say ancient remains may be the 'hero of Pompeii' who died leading rescue efforts during Vesuvius eruption 2,000 years ago | DailyMail
09192017 With piazzas around every corner, there’s always outdoor seating where you can enjoy an Aperol Spritz (or several) and people-watch for hours. Naples is located on the water, and walking along the pedestrian-friendly Lungomare, the two-mile seafront promenade teeming with restaurants and attractions, is an activity that many locals enjoy during both balmy summer evenings and crisp winter mornings. 5 Reasons to Visit Naples, Italy | The Points Guy
09202017 There are some wonderful sidewalk cafes on the Island of Capri when you can rest your legs and enjoy the pleasant and colorful surroundings. Sidewalk Cafes in Capri | Capri Italy Travel Guide
09212017 This is one of those islands to fall helplessly in love with and, even if you leave and never come back, your heart will always be in Procida. My soul aches whenever I see pictures of the lemon, strawberry and peach fishermen's houses, jostling their way up the hill, above seas of a blue so bright it hurts your eyes. Enchanting Procida Island | Exquisite Coasts
09222017 Today guests of the Miramare e Castello at Ischia indulge in its stunning hotel with sea views and healing thermal spas. The hotel encourages “bathrobe culture” as you’ll be in and out of the thermal pool and sea all day.  5 Secret Vacation Spots in Italy You Probably Never Heard of, But Will Totally Love | EcoSalon
09232017 Situated 1.3 kilometers from Sorrento and Marina Grande, the contemporary rooms are artistic and nautical so you’re fully submersed in the oceanic atmosphere. The views are spectacular with floor to ceiling windows that give the best views of the sea. 8 Luxury Boutique Hotels In Sorrento, Italy Worth Checking Into | Jetset Times
09242017 Just an hour south of wild and crazy Naples, calm and genteel Sorrento makes an ideal home base for day-tripping around the region (Pompeii, Positano and Capri are well within reach). And every night, you can return "home" to Sorrento, to enjoy its elegant vibe while sorting through its fine restaurant options. Amalfi Coast playground of the rich for a reason | Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette09252017
09252017 In Herculaneum, we saw frescoes’ s that still adorned the walls of homes and because it was buried by ash fall, most of their homes and buildings remained intact. But the most dramatic sight were the skeletons in their pier area, where citizens of Herculaneum fleeing the volcanic eruption died from the poison gases of Mt. Vesuvius. A visit to Pompeii and Herculaneum | The Philippine Star
09262017 The Mesali subtitle is Gastronomic Transhumance in Irpinia, evoking the tradition of the shepherds' transfer of sheep from mountains to valleys. With the Mesali guidebook in hand, travelers can easily arrange an itinerary in the area (without the sheep), going from restaurant to restaurant with a guaranteed warm welcome and good meal at each stop. Local Food, Italian Style | The Atlantic
09272017 The vineyards are in Montefalcione, a tiny village perched on a hill a short distance from Avellino. The vineyards are at 380 meters and the soil is clay. This is a complex full bodied wine with aromas and flavors of citrus fruit and hints of pear and green apple. A Visit to Sertura Vini d’Irpinia Thanks to a FB Friend and a Landslide | Charles Scicolone on Wine
09282017 I went with a bottle of 2012 Vadiaperti Greco di Tufo, a DOCG in Campania. I got lemon on the nose. Taste had a touch of green apple and good minerality. The wine is quite dry. I’d describe it as a subtle wine, with refined elegance. It was a subtle partner for the food–definitely a wine that was more in the background, supporting cast for the meal. Grilled Swordfish Pasta Margherita | Cooking Chat
09292017 Why, you ask? Well, if you’ve been, you know. You know the smell of lemon and mandarin in the air. The taste of the mediterranean sea. The feel of the sun beating down on your skin and the soft, warm breeze. Each one, embodied perfectly in Tom Ford’s Sole di Positano – encompassing every element of the astounding scenery that is the Italian Riviera. Tom Ford's Sole di Positano in Italy New Scent | Margo & Me
09302017 He is keen on several estates in Campania, none more so than Mastroberardino (“an example of the most authentic winemaking tradition not only in Campania but all of Italy,” he notes in his guidebook); Montevetrano (“Silvia Imparato is the princess of Campania wine, a cultured and charming woman who was once a successful photographer ... ”); and Pietracupa (“Sabino Loffredo’s wines are simply exceptional and do honor to him and all of Irpinia and sell like hot cakes worldwide”). How to explain the enduring popularity of Italian wine in the U.S.? ‘It’s made for food.’ | The Sacramento Bee