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09012013 The most beautiful part of Capri is Anacapri, which is located at the top of the island and looks like a village straight out of a fairytale. You can get to Anacapri through a number of ways. The island has been built mainly for pedestrians so you can walk for a few hours as you soak in the views. You can also take a funicular chairlift, bus or taxi. Take a boat tour to the Isle of Capri and take a walk around the charming village of Anacapri. | Part of my World
09022013 The footpath, which hugs the precipitous coastline, offers at every turn a succession of quite amazing views of the sea, the Sorrentine peninsula and another of the island’s iconic natural wonders – the Faraglioni. I met only the occasional walker as I made my way along the spectacular path, taking in views of the sea and cliffs, and absorbing the scents of pine and wild flowers and birdsong in near solitude. Walking Capri: ‘a tiny morsel of an island but exquisite’ | That's How The Light Gets In
09032013 Images of Italy taken by ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano from the International Space Station, June 2013. One of the most famous coastlines in the world and one of the most infamous volcanoes, Vesuvius | European Space Agency
09042013 Formed as a result of the collision between the African and Eurasian tectonic plates, Mount Vesuvius is featured just inland from the bay overlooking the city of Naples. Further signs of volcanism can be seen at the western end of the bay where the Phlegraean Fields lie. This complex structure, most of which is below sea level, is constantly on the move due to subsidence and uplift. Earth from Space: Bay of Naples | European Space Agency
09052013 The Cervati mountain, covered by perennial snows for at least six months a year, world patrimony of humanity and reserve of Biosphere recognized by UNESCO, as well as highest peak of Campania, represents a site of biodiversity of extraordinary value in Europe; the floristic beauty, the fields of lavender and a breathtaking landscape make it an absolutely unique place, where it is possible to visit the most important Karst hollow of southern Italy, "the Affunnaturo king of Vaddivona". Sanza | Seguendo Ulisse
09062013 But I was in Pisciotta on an anchovy mission, looking for the town’s specialty, alici di menaica, caught in a special net, decapitated, cleaned and then salted. Everyone told me to look for Donatella, the only official producer. Her husband Vittorio is a fisherman and supplies her with fresh anchovies. I Love Campania, Part 2 | La Cucina Italiana
09072013 The wine has a clear connection to our trip as we have visiting southern Italy's top wine producer Mastroberardino from the village Atripalda. This rosé is made of 100% of Aglianico grape from Campania IGT and grown in chalky-clay soil which is based on average 400 meters above sea level. This means that the grapes get the best conditions, with warm days and slightly cooler nights. The scent is deliciously fruity with hints of lavender, peach, red currant and minerals. The taste is just soooooo good with delicious fresh flavors of grapefruit, strawberries, rowan-berries, delicate minerals and a slight touch of spiciness. Best rosé wine this year by a true maestro! | Wineblogg
09082013 Nusco is a town and comune in the province of Avellino east of Naples situated in the mountains between the valleys of the Calore lucano and Ofanto Rivers. Nusco | Made in south italy
09092013  The buildings you can see today include a flour mill (which dates back to the 10th century), a saw mill, and a public washhouse. The area was deeemed unsuitable for living and working in the late 1800s, after the construction of the Piazza Tasso up above cut off the main access point for people (as well as the sea) to and from the valley, and so the mills were eventually abandoned. Because of the damp conditions that soon developed when the valley no longer had an outlet to the sea, the buildings were rapidly overtaken by plant life, giving them the appearance of having been unused for centuries rather than decades. The Valley of the Mills in Sorrento | Naples and the Amalfi Coast Things to Do - Viator
09102013 Although Positano had numerous sites to check out, for the love of water, I spent most of the day on the black sand beach, Spiaggia Grande. With cold on my feet sending chills up my body, I kept inching my way into the water. The tiny black pebbles on the shoreline massaged my feet as I slowly sunk into the sand. One step at a time I tiptoed until the pebbles got bigger and turned into stones. Water now at my waist, I submerged myself, rose, and inhaled the freshest air. Student's visit to Amalfi Coast helps her realize goals |
09112013 100% dried oregano from Alburni Mountains, also known as the Dolomites bells, cultivated according to peasant tradition. Oregano from Alburni mountain |
09122013 Mozzarella is one of the world’s favorite cheeses, but unlike many others, its name has not been adequately protected. The first thing you need to do is look for the protected name: Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP from Italy. In order to use this name, producers need to be in the Campania region and follow strict procedures, for example, they are not allowed to have any cows on their farm to avoid potential addition of cow milk. Buying Mozzarella: Tips and Tricks | Slow Food International
09132013 San Marzano tomatoes are grown on the rich volcanic soil of the Campania region of Italy and are prized for their superb flavor and low acidity. The choice of which San Marzano tomatoes to buy can be fraught. There are San Marzano tomatoes grown in this country, there are Italian plum tomatoes in juice and in purée, there are “certified” San Marzano tomatoes and even “D.O.P.” or Denominazione d’Origine Protetta San Marzano tomatoes. My advice is to try a couple and see which one speaks to you most clearly of the essence of Italian sunshine. Grab a can of tomatoes and you’re on your way to dinner | Clare's Kitchen
09142013 Her name was Amica, and her name and footprint are embedded in a terra cotta tile belonging to an ancient Roman temple. The signed tile is a rare find because Amica was a Roman slave, and her footprint survives. For the most part, the slaves of the well-preserved city of Pompeii still remain largely "invisible" in history, according to the University of Delaware's Lauren Hackworth Petersen. Who were these slaves? Roman slaveholders got them from many places. Some were Greeks, some were Africans, some were bred in the country specifically for the role, according to Petersen. A Slave's Life in Ancient Pompeii | ScienceDaily
09152013 Scaturchio. Lovely pastry shop with table service and gelato. Naples food guide: Where to find the best local dishes | CNN Travel
09162013 Naples is a whore with a heart of gold. This glorious, flamboyant city is the real deal: the deep, dark heart of Italy. Italia verace; Italy DOC. It's the Auntie Mame of Italian capitals; a bohemian rhapsody set in the most gorgeous bay on earth, watched over by a killer volcano as inscrutable as a reclining Buddha. I died and went to Naples | Letters from Florence
09172013 From Ischia’s harbour, it was only a short bus ride to the two-hectare garden that occupies a ravine. The garden is considered one of the most enchanting in Italy. The Waltons began on the garden in 1956 and quickly looked for help from esteemed gardening designer, Russell Page. His instructions, written out in three days, were to keep the Waltons busy for the next 10 years. La Mortella: Ischia’s tropical garden paradise | The Vancouver Sun
09182013 These pictures have been taken at the “La Mortella” gardens in Forio, Ischia. It is a huge botanical oasis created by an English couple, who brought there thousands of plants and flowers from all over the world. Could I miss this opportunity and not take pictures to post here? Of course not. Talking about the outfit, I chose to wear exclusively silk, since I love its feeling on the skin during the summer days: it almost feels like sea breeze. Brushing Silk – outfit from “La Mortella” gardens, Ischia | Nymphashion
09192013 Negombo is a spa and thermal pool park with botanical gardens set on the beautiful island of Ischia. It’s set on a beautiful sandy beach with brilliant blue water. The thermal pools (heated by volcanic activity) are all of varying temperatures. Some are very cold on one side and very hot on the other. You definitely get a tingling sensation in your legs and feet when going from one to the other. The gardens are lush and fragrant. Their full service spa offers many beauty treatments and massages to choose from. I got the “Envy of the Gods Green Tea Oil Relaxing Massage” and my friend got the “Anti-Stress Massage”. Negombo | Have Tote Will Travel
09202013 The gardens at La Mortella as we see them today were a labour of love for the charismatic Susana Walton who opened their doors to the public in 1991. By now, the gardens represent more than 50 years of passion, dedication and care given to her life’s work and creation. With La Mortella split into various levels, it is on the highest part of the garden that the open-air Greek theatre resides. Throughout the summer, audiences are able to enjoy the Youth Orchestra concerts while surrounded by China roses and aromatic herbs, and the visual backdrop of the bay of Forio behind the performers. La Mortella Garden | Ischia Review
09212013 One of Italy's most historic opera companies is taking some of the country's most beloved operas – as well as some Italian culture – to the Middle East, Russia and the United States. The Teatro di San Carlo, which was founded in Naples in 1737 and is Europe's oldest, continuously active venue for public opera, begins its worldwide tour in the Sultanate of Oman, one of the first times the opera company has travelled to the Middle East. From there, San Carlo will travel to the Russian city of St. Petersburg before flying on to the West Coast of the United States for performances in San Francisco. Naples' San Carlo Theatre Co. embarks on world tour | Gazzetta del Sud Online
09222013 There is a lively discussion about household dogs in Roman society. An amazing mosaic from the entry floor of a home in Pompeii is juxtaposed in the exhibition with one of the mummified dog casts that can also be seen when visiting the archeological site that is Pompeii. The museum experts point out in grim detail how you can see the way this dog was tethered, and hence unable to escape the blanket of volcanic ash that entombed the city in just 24 hours. 'Pompeii From the British Museum' to Show One Night Only | The Hollywood Reporter
09232013 Gorgeous location filming on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Kate Bosworth is a blocked writer whose marriage to an uptight British viola player (Iddo Goldberg) is on the skids after a miscarriage. While he’s preoccupied with rehearsals and complaining about Italian food, she flees to a picturesque island where an affair with a hunky, free-spirited American teenager (Jamie Blackley) chases the blues away. Scenery highlights ‘And While We Were Here’ | New York Post
09242013 After dinner, we were invited on a tour of the wine cellar. The staircase, I'm told, is an old Etruscan passageway carved from tufo, the rock that is the foundation of the Campania region. The stairs are smooth and strong, and I instantly imagine toga-clad proto-Italians carrying anfora filled with proto-falanghina thousands of years earlier. The deeper we descend, the more valuable the wines in Don Alfonso's impressive collection. There are 25,000 bottles down here, each carefully documented and wrapped in cellophane to protect the labels. I Left My Heart at Don Alfonso | Fathom
09252013 We decided to save a few euros by buying the Campania Artecard. This card is available in many Italian cities and combines public transit with entry fees for a fixed price. It allowed us to use Naples' handy metro and funicular system for a period of three consecutive days from the day of validation and access to two sites, with discounts to the rest. You can pick up the card from any participating site; we got ours from the Royal Palace in the Piazza del Plebiscito and used it to get a discount on our bus tour. Beyond pizza and pompeii | China Daily
09262013 Did someone say holidays? Aaaah, just dreaming of the Amalfi Coast... Perfect Time For A Holiday... Amalfi Coast | The Style Schedule
09272013 Our next stop was Praiano, a 20 minute car ride from Positano. In this little village is the Church of San Luca Evangelista, with its dome decorated with the local Vietri multicolored Majolica tiles and an elaborate painted tile floor. An Esthetic Feast | love quimper
09282013 There was a small tower that resembled a lighthouse down near the water. We would later learn from a girl in Positano that these were actually military forts in the old days to protect from attackers by sea. This particular fort, or Torre a Mare, now housed an artist named Paolo Sandulli, who was a very kind gentleman we spent some time chatting with as we browsed his work. His art was very fun and had a strong local theme to it. Day Four - Praiano | Vince Hanks
09292013 Discover a stunning coastline and lounge on a private beach or sun deck against a backdrop of dramatic cliff sides and verdant green mountain peaks at Il San Pietro Di Positano. Top 5 Most Popular Things to do in the Amalfi Coast | Hauteoc Traveler
09302013 Located in Italy's Campania region, the Amalfi Coast begins some thirty miles south of Naples, on the southern side of the Sorrentine peninsula. This is a place where land, sea and sky strike such a note of such otherworldly perfection that the region is best approached by boat in order to take in the panorama. Seven Days in Italy's Seaside Paradise | The Leading Hotels of the World

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